Rock You Like a Hurricane: Matthew Takes on Florida

hurricane, Matthew

It's alive.

The Short of It:

Hurricane Matthew finally made it's touch down in the U.S. last night after sweeping across the Caribbean and killing nearly 300 people.

The Longer Version of It:

In Trump words "this is a really big deal guys. REALLY".

With 120 mph winds, Hurricane Matthew swept through the Florida coast last night and took out the power used by over 600,000 people. The National Weather Service announced extreme caution for expected winds taking place in areas Florida's east coast as western eye wall of the storm lashed out at Cape Canaveral, where the the Kennedy Space Center is located. This hurricane caused federal officials to urge Floridians to pack up and evacuate. Just to put this is in perspective: it is the most powerful Atlantic storm the U.S. has seen since Katrina-- President Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina last week. Millions of people were told by Florida Governor Rick Scott to clear out of coastal areas, but some still haven't taken the advice. (Vanilla Ice was actually on the scene and refused to leave his home in Palm Beach --check out his play by play on twitter). The hurricane is forecasted to touch down on Georgia and the Carolinas this weekend.

The Takeaway:

How much damage Matthew will cause to the U.S. is still unknown. The eastern seaboard, particularly the coastal communities of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina are still on notice. If one thing is for certain that duck umbrella you bought this season won't be enough.