Mo Problems: Iraq's Efforts To Take Back Key City Flares ISIS Attacks

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ISIS stronghold in Mosul weakens.

The Short of It:

This is day five in Iraq's fight to push ISIS out of the city of Mosul.

The Longer Version of It:

In 2014, the jihadist militant group seized the city of Mosul and made it their head quarters. The key Iraqi city, is the terror group's last remaining stronghold in the country. Iraq, with the support of U.S. airstrikes, has worked to chip away at the terror groups hold over the de facto territory. This week, they launched a plan they'd been having for months to take back what is theirs.

Yesterday, Iraq's prime minister announced that their army was taking hold of their territory surrounding Mosul faster than they had expected. The bad news: ISIS is making it clear they aren't going without a fight. Yesterday, a roadside bomb killed an American soldier, the first American combat casualty since fighting in the city began. Then today, the terror group attack a city near Mosul as a counter to the offensive in which several people were fatally injured.

The Takeaway:

Since the start of his term in office, President Obama has made an initiative to pull US out of Iraq, eight years later and hundreds of more troops have been shipped over to Iraq as part of the major offensive in the country. The current effort to take back Mosul is expected to take months. Meaning, the U.S. will have by far overstayed their welcome.