Joe Biden Said He Might Run for President in 2020

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Washington Post

"What the hell, man."

Joe Biden might be packing up and heading out of the White House in January, but on Monday he told reporters he may very well be heading back.

According to CNN, when reporters jokingly asked Biden if he'd run for office again, he said, "Yeah, I am. I'm going to run in 2020."

When asked by reporters to clarify what position he'd run for, just to be crystal clear, he said: "For president. What the hell, man." A very Joe Biden response.

Taken aback‚Äč by his response, reporters reminded Biden that they would be publishing his quotes, to which he responded, "That's okay."

Biden told CNN that he loved being in the Senate and that it's a "great feeling to come back" because he "love[s] this place." However, later, Biden backtracked a tiny bit by saying, "I'm not committing not to run. I'm not committing to anything. I learned a long time ago fate has a strange way of intervening."