Here's A Quick Debrief On The Clinton Foundation Issue

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Never gonna give you up...

The Short of It:

In a severe case of "never gonna give you up," everyone still has questions about Hillary Clinton and her emails.

The Longer Version of It:

Before you dig in to the newest Clinton email hullabaloo, you won't want to forget about the (Clinton email scandal heard 'round the world]( which surrounded an investigation that looked into the Benghazi attacks in 2012. During the investigation it was discovered that the now presidential candidate who back in 2012 acted as Secretary of State, used a private email account and server to communicate with government officials. The reaction was kind of like the one you had when you thought your friend knew she should keep her texts hidden on her iPhone screen and then didn't. Government officials freaked out because Clinton's server meant all of their information and her information could have been seen by any old hacker. Things got a bit worse when the Clinton team only offered up some of the emails to the FBI because some of the emails "mysteriously got deleted". All of the GOP called her out for being shady. Still, despite the way everything was handled, an FBI director declared that Clinton while "extremely careless" hadn't necessarily crossed legal lines. The FBI wiped their hands clean and while many Republicans were rather salty about it, we all figured everything had been resolved and over with.

That was until the FBI ended up recovering some of those deleted emails. (Pesky computer hackers). Now this week a judge has ordered that they be made public. Hundreds of other emails were released in a lawsuit filed by a conservative group who is complaining that the Clinton Foundation donors were able to receive favors from Clinton and her team while she was Secretary of State. The emails revealed only a few interesting things about the donors. You know, like that they asked for a hand in getting visas and help interceding with foreign governments. Totally minor.

The Takeaway:

As of now, Clinton's doing her best to deny any wrong doing saying that no donor ever received a favor from her or her aides because of their contributions to the Foundation. It's still not a great look for someone who's getting flack from voters who are skeptical of how many hands she has in her pockets...