Can't Breathe Again: Protests Erupt After Another Cop Shoots A Black Man

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If you think we've reported this story too many times, you're right.

The Short of It:

Yesterday, the U.S. saw another night of unrest as protesters skirmished with Charlotte, North Carolina police after the fatal police shooting of a black man.

The Longer Version of It:

Violent protests broke out in Charlotte, North Carolina last night, after a black man was fatally shot by a police officer who had been looking to serve a warrant to a suspect at an apartment complex.

Police officers headed over to a Charlotte apartment complex yesterday, looking for a man who had an outstanding warrant. Police soon came across 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott, a man different from the suspect they were searching for, in a vehicle. Authorities have said that Scott exited the car and approached officers with a gun. Scott's family, however, says impossible— Scott was unarmed, disabled and in the car reading.

That's when hundreds of protestors broke into the streets of Charlotte late last night, reportedly throwing water bottles and rocks at police officers, who used tear gas against the protestors. A highway was just down by police after protesters there looted and set fire to trucks. At least 12 officers were injured and taken to the hospital and seven civilians were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. Five were arrested.

The Takeaway:

Many protesters of the killing are pointing out the recent capture of the man suspected to be involved n this past weekend's explosions that took place in New York and New Jersey Ahmad Rahami, who was taken into police custody Monday after a shootout, alive. One went so far as to call the shooting of black men in the U.S. "a modern-day lynching" saying it's obvious the lives of the black community really don't matter. Truth is, Scott is the latest in a rather lengthy register of black people just this year killed by police officers that have sparked mass protests across the country.