This Highly Anticipated Pixar Sequel Just Got An Earlier Release Date

the incredibles

Incredibles 2 coming to you in a "flash"

Time to grab your masks, Pixar fans, because the sequel we've long awaited is getting an even sooner release date! It's true, the follow-up to the 2004 hit The Incredibles premiere date has been bumped up to the summer of 2018-- an entire year earlier than the June 2019 release date the production company had originally announced. Which must mean pretty incredible things for our favorite crime-fighting family of superheroes. Especially because a moved up premiere date can only mean that movie is ready to go and already expected by Pixar to be stellar.

The Hollywood Reporter stated on Wednesday that Incredibles 2 is now under "an accelerated production schedule." Productions being fast-tracked is a rarity for film projects and usually happens when demand is at its highest and the script is solid. If both Pixar and Disney are pumped about the project's story and animation-- enough that they're ready to get it into theaters early-- it's gotta mean it's going to be a two thumbs upper. We're talking the ranks of fan favorite Frozen.

There is a sad faced emoji at the end of this news though. The now fast-tracked Incredibles sequel means it's trading release dates with another movie we've been eager to see: Toy Story 4. Which means we'll have to wait an extra year to see how Woody and Buzz are getting along without Andy. Still just remember, Toy Story has three previous movies for you to catch up with before the fourth movie comes out, this will be the Incredibles first sequel.