You Want To ‘Protect’ Women In Bathrooms. What About From Actual Rapists?

A month ago men across the country, wanted to ban transgender women from using the ladies' room in public places. Where are they now?

1. Instead of worrying about who pees with us, worry about our safety!

2. Direct your interest towards women's safety. Not "bathroom bills".

After the Obama administration issued a transgender directive to schools that gave guidelines on how to treat transgender students, Texas and ten other states sued to make sure that girls would be protected from transgender girls while they went to bathrooms and changed in locker rooms. If just half of the hate and liveliness conservative states used to defy the federal directive, to focus on the threat to the safety of potential victims of rape at college parties, campuses, concerts, their apartments, their homes there'd undoubtedly be less Brock Turner victims in our country.

3. Address your transphobia and learn about androphobia.

Transphobia is misdirected and comes from a root of not understanding people who don't conform to society's gender expectations. Not everyone is the same and that's perfectly okay. What's not okay? Let us count the ways. Pepper spray, whistles, nail polish, anti-rape underwear, anti-rape condoms, defensive tampons, hairy tights, anti rape buckles, and harnesses. The list of the ridiculous and grave ways women have to attempt to protect themselves from male sexual assault is real and could truly use your watchful eye and attention.

4. Recruit your pastor to focus on women's safety.

The pastors whose videos of themselves standing outside of courthouses preaching about the grave injustices that happen when transgenders step into women's bathrooms went viral, have enough vigor and passion to rile up their followers and demand something be done to the great injustices thousands of women suffer from each day at the hands of men like Brock Turner. Talk about energy being used better elsewhere.

5. Sign every petition that demands a rapist be held accountable for his actions.

Before you write that long status about why inclusive bathrooms are a threat, read the powerful words Brock Turner's victim and share them as a reminder that rape has a lifetime effect for those who experience it. And then demand that people who think rapists should be held accountable to think again.

6. Open your eyes and see the real threat to women.

Because it's not the person who was assigned a gender at birth that they do not identify with.

7. Remind your sons, brothers, father and other men that the responsibility not to rape is theirs.

If it's peeping Toms and men who dress up like women for the purpose of preying on them in bathrooms that transphobics are worried about, tacking on a fear of men who think alcohol is reason enough to attack and assault a women behind a dumpster should go on your agenda too.

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