14 Things That Kids Eat That Will Make You Gag

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'Please do not lick the....'

1. Let's be real, kids are gross monsters that will eat anything in their path.


Case in point: "Other things we have found in her mouth: dog toys, cat toys, her older brother's toys, her toys, grass, sticks, leaves, rocks, dried dog poop, dried cat poop, floor food, pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, bills of any denomination, pen caps, wood chips, carpet, remotes, Wiimotes, dvd cases, blankets, pillows, other peoples fingers (still attached), Holloween fake fingers (unattached), and on and on and on.........." - ibs2pid

2. Let's just mark this one off the list now: boogers.


"Anthony's worst-ever offense occurred one terrible afternoon as our class was watching a movie, when he was seen reaching beneath his chair, chipping off dried boogers, and then openly eating them. When told that his behavior was revolting, Anthony replied: "No, it's okay. I put them there." - RamsesThePigeon

3. Toe nails. This kid is proof these creatures will eat anything they can.


Omg vommmm.

4. Like mud and dirt. Good God.


"We walked in on her with half a slug in her hand and a satisfied I'm-not-hangry-anymore look on her face." - ThreeImgainaryBoys.

5. Catfood.


"Eating catfood. She freaking loves it." - spinzard

6. Cat shits.


"When my son was 3 I came out of the bathroom in time to see him picking a brown lump off the floor and shoving it in his mouth. The look of pure confusion and horror that washed over him is something that I wont forget and still makes me giggle when he realized that it was not a lump of chocolate in his mouth... it was cat shit." - sparko10

7. Cat vomit?!!?


"Eating cat vomit. Twice. So far." - magnitudeintheattic

8. Their own shits.


"I found him playing in a pile of yellow diarrhea. He had smeared it on his arms, legs and face. I'm pretty sure he was eating it." - rumpel4skinOU

9. Living things. Like bugs.


The smallest (2) picks her nose AND eats it. I found her crying in the living room once when she was first walking, smelling of cilantro. She had eaten a stink bug." - MrsNathropy

10. Or ants. And not the kind on a celery log, okay.


"I remember one of my favorite delicacies was licking ants right off from the concrete." - Durrburr

11. They can't just leave it there either. They've gotta go and *drink* gross things too. Like bathwater.


"My youngest will be two soon. He drinks bathwater, eats things he finds on the floor, and farts on purpose during diaper changes." - Frecklejuiceama

12. Some kids just go for the gold and eat stuff in public bathrooms.


"When my eldest was about three, we were in a restaurant bathroom with a checkered tile wall, and she licked a red tile (and kept trying, even after i freaked out). So gross." - redditer

13. Sometimes they even eat the WRONG stuff at the grocery store. Guess we're not working with the brightest people though...


"...nothing made me cringe harder than the time she peeled back the grocery cart safety cover that I bought her, specifically to protect her from germs, and put her mouth around the cart handle. Insert slow motion running - nooooooooooo.....!!" - Redditer

14. And finally, pigeon leaves. You know, AKA flying rats.


"...Today I saw a 7(?) Year old licking pigeon leaves at a park." - LordRictus

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