16 Tricks To Help You Eat Healthy Without Even Trying

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Spend an hour or two on Sunday and you'll still be happy by Friday!

1. Make snack jars! Start by chopping celery and carrots into sticks.


2. And just remember Mason jars are your friend.


Do overnight oats, make your salad, they're great with getting just the right portion.

3. And bowls!


Veggie blows, burrito bowls, chicken bowls.

4. And macaroni!


It's quick and easy, and replace white pasta with whole wheat and you'll be gold.

5. Make grab and go snacks by pre-packaging a few baggies of nuts with berries!


6. Make egg muffins for the week!


Do it on Sunday and you'll have breakfast ready to last you the whole week!

7. Get your protein by packing up the black beans!


Use them on salads, in wraps, veggie bowls!

8. Prepare chicken for the week!


Roast a chicken on Sunday night and you'll have a whole bunch of protein for the week to add to salads, sandwiches and your yummy bean wraps!

9. Get your egg on!


Boiled eggs are the most portable of snacks. With just under 100 calories per egg, you'll be packing on the protein and watching that waistline. Add to salads, sandwiches and those bean wraps!

10. Do the slow cooker rumba!


Dump your oatmeal, apples, cinnamon and milk into that slow cooker your mom got you and you'll have breakfast for days.

11. Fire up those veggies ahead of time.


Get veggies that roast well like zucchini, peppers and broccoli and you'll have batch for the week that you can add into salads, sandwiches and oh yea, that bean wrap!

12. Fire up those potatoes while you're at it!


Let's be real, they're never boring.

13. Prep your fruits and veggies for the week!


Wash, chop and sort your veggies into tupperware containers to grab and go for the week. Note: tupperware is your friend.

14. And remember, you can always get a fruit platter/ veggie tray!


Let's be real, you're getting the same amount of nutrition you would if you played the tupperware game and you've totally got a leg up on your co-worker grabbing Pop tarts from the vending machine.

15. Prepare a few cups of quinoa/ rice!


You'll get a good dose of protein and it'll be awesome in your salads and wraps.

16. Keep a recipe book!


You'll get hundreds of delicious suggestions and tips from friends, keeping them organized and recorded is an essential step to a fun food week!

17. Batch-prep some actual meals!


Sleeping-through-the-alarm you will thank batch prep you later!

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