7 Things You Are Doing At Work That Get Under People’s Skin

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Stop thinking you're the only one putting in the work.

1. Complaining About Your Work Load


Yes it really sucks that you had to skip lunch to finish that excel sheet and there's nothing worse than having to stay late on Friday to help someone else make their deadline. Griping about these things is something we all do and it can be a great way to bond and find yourself in commiseration with your coworkers who you see as potential friends. Know this: your whininess can get old. For one it can make you come off as lazy and perpetually negative. Also know that tons of other people at work are probably doing the same thing, it's just that their not advertising it.

2. Suggesting That You're Carrying The Team


Do. NOT. Everyone has to play their part at the office. Don't assume that a pat on the back by the boss this week means that you're the golden child of the group. It's always important to take pride in yourself, especially when you do something right, but remind yourself every now and then that your success isn't always solo. And if you really do find yourself feeling as if you're putting in more work than your coworkers it might be time to have a talk with your boss.

3. Cutting People Off


Just hold on to that thought. Also know, that when you do cut someone off and they say "no it's fine" they're probably not wanting you to do it. Especially in the office. Stepping on the ends of other people's sentences happens. We all can get a great idea or have a temptation to snowball off of someone else's great idea. Don't do it though. Just let them talk. They'll appreciate your patience and respect and will be all the likely more receptive to input and more ideas.

4. Talking About Co-workers Behind Their Backs


Those backsided comments you're making in the office while your coworker steps out might not be getting direct responses, but they're not going unnoticed either. Talking about your coworkers (especially your boss) is an epic no-no. Not only will you come off as petty, your coworkers are undoubtedly going to eventually question if you do the same to them behind their back. Save office gossip and complaints for friends who aren't in the office.

5. Ending your Slack Messages With Periods


Don't pretend like you don't know about this because you KNOW. There's nothing worse than the person who pretends that they're the "oblivious texter or messenger" that's except for the person who purposefully drops of questions or adds scary punctuation points on purpose. Maybe you're a grammar nerd or perhaps you don't believe in ending every sentence with an exclamation point, but know this: your co-workers probably think you suck. Need proof that it comes off as harsh? A new study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior revealed that people perceive texts that end with a period as less sincere.

6. "Pointing" Things Out


It's definitely important that you make sure you're a commodity to your team, that you help and remember that you have to work in a united effort, but nothing is worse than the coworker always on your ass. If you find yourself popping in to your coworkers office more than a couple of times a week to remind them that they forgot to sign off on a report (which isn't do until later), haven't added images to that presentation yet, or that they left their work out in the common area-- consider that you're probably guilty. You might think you're giving your coworker a hand, but you're also not giving them a chance either. Let them figure it out and trust that they've got things handled. Otherwise it comes across as petty.

That brings us to an exception...

7. Not Having Your Coworkers Back


Yes, your boss is an important person to get to know and work with. But just remember: people move on and up. We're not saying you have to go out and get drinks with Patricia from the office. Just remember that snubbing your coworkers outside of work, shooting down their ideas in office meetings or making them feel inferior to you in anyway is just never a good idea. You don't have to hold their hands, but you definitely don't want to make an enemy. Remember, companies don't mind getting recommendations from people you work closely with.

Complaining About Your Work Load

Suggesting That You're Carrying The Team

Cutting People Off

Talking About Co-workers Behind Their Backs

Ending your Slack Messages With Periods

"Pointing" Things Out

Not Having Your Coworkers Back

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