Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Food Test, You're From The Bronx


Do you know the place with da best food?

Only a true Bronx native can pass this food quiz. Featuring questions about the best locals in the Bronx for Italian, seafood, bagels, and more!

 May 19, 2017
1 of 15Choose the correct answer!
NYC's "real" Little Italy is in the Bronx's Belmont area called ____.
Arthur Avenue Retail Market
Pelham Bay Park
Orchard Beach
2 of 15Choose the correct answer!
In the Bronx, "everyone goes there," for beer or pulled pork on a beef patty...
The Peanut Room
The Bronx Alehouse
The Hub
3 of 15Choose the correct answer!
____ on Lydig Avenue is "the king of all (Bronx) pizza."
John and Joe's Pizza
4 of 15Choose the correct answer!
If pastrami & rye is your thing, then in Riverdale (Bronx), the place is ____.
Gould and Moe's
A King's Jewish Special
Liebman's Kosher Deli
5 of 15Choose the correct answer!
For a tasting room with 9 rotating taps and a Bronx Pale Ale, the place is ____.
Toot's Brews
the Bronx Brewery
Bailey's Pale Alley
6 of 15Choose the correct answer!
The best thing to eat at Yankee Stadium, "the G.O.A.T. Burger" is at the ___.
Triple Play Stand (section 115)
Carl's Steaks (section 107)
Lobel's (section 133)
7 of 15Choose the correct answer!
For the real Yankee fan, the undisputed favorite game-day watering hole for Yankee faithful is ____.
Stan's Sports Bar
8 of 15Choose the correct answer!
For the seafood lover, from wholesale to retail, in the Bronx, the ____ is the place to go.
Lexington Fish Market
New Fulton Fish Market
Courthouse Fish Market
9 of 15Choose the correct answer!
This food truck is one of the best places to get Puerto Rican food.
Lechonera La Piraña
Sol Food
De Rican Chef
10 of 15Choose the correct answer!
Which pool hall bar has some of the best Dominican food?
Nano Billiards Cafe
Zogg's Pool
Lincoln Station
11 of 15Choose the correct answer!
If it's bagels you want, this place claims they are the home of the "Best Bagels in the Bronx!"
Bruegger's Bagels
Nosh the Deli
Riverdale Bagels
12 of 15Choose the correct answer!
If you're after a great cup of coffee... or a Guinness, visit ____.
Classics Cafe
An Beal Bocht Cafe
13 of 15Choose the correct answer!
For some rocking chips and salsa, and a full menu of Mexican food, ____, is the place!
El Vaquero
Taqueria Tlaxcalli
14 of 15Choose the correct answer!
For some of the finest sausage, head to ____.
Curt's Cucina
15 of 15Choose the correct answer!
If you're going for Bangladeshi food, ____ is the place to go!
Neerob (now called Packsun)
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