Quiz: How Many Laws Have You Actually Learned From Watching Law & Order?

law and order


Test your knowledge of laws with this quiz on the laws and criminal court procedures often shown in show Law and Order.

 Apr 07, 2017
1 of 10Choose the correct answer!
When someone is arrested they have to be read ____.
an Anticipatory Warrant
their Miranda Rights
Habeas Corpus
2 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What does Habeus Corpus mean?
The arrested has to know what they're being charged for before a judge.
The arrested has to be told what amount bail will be.
The arrested's body may not be harmed while in jail.
3 of 10Choose the correct answer!
True or False - When in court, by law, you must have an attorney represent you.
4 of 10Choose the correct answer!
The party being sued is called:
5 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is exculpatory evidence?
Evidence that helps the defendant
Evidence that prosecutes the defendant
Evidence that has to be thrown out
6 of 10Choose the correct answer!
How many jurors are on a jury?
7 of 10Choose the correct answer!
If the defendant cannot afford an attorney, the court must ____.
do nothing
appoint an attorney
throw out the case
8 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is the correct way to address a judge?
Your Honor
9 of 10Choose the correct answer!
What is a subpoena?
getting out of jail early
ordering a person to attend a court
a type of lawyer
10 of 10Choose the correct answer!
True or False - The prosecution and defense attorney can work together for a solution to the charge before court begins.
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