9 Reasons Why Women Who Travel Alone Are The Strongest


Women who are able to leave home and go somewhere unfamiliar with no expectations or plans, learn to see the world from a different light.

With this new perspective they become much stronger and more confident in their ability to do anything they set their minds to.

Here are a few reasons why women who travel solo are some of the strongest women out there:

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1. They have an independence that can only be learned through experience.

Women who travel alone are throwing themselves out into the world, often traveling to far-away lands where people may not speak the same language or have the same culture. There are few other things that will force you to become independent than leaving your comfort zone. While solo travel isn't easy, it is a sure way to gain a newfound confidence. And this feeling of independence makes you realize that you can do anything you want with your life.

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2. They realize there is no "normal" way to live.

It is easy to get caught up in our own bubble of a world. Wherever you live and the people you surround yourself by, become your reality. However, when you leave this "bubble" and go somewhere new, you realize that there are many different ways of living life. And no one way is better than another. Once you realize there are no "right" or "wrong" ways of doing things, you gain an understanding of the world that will forever change the way you look at things.

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3. They are content being alone.

Women who travel solo have to get used to doing things on their own. Whether that means going out to eat by yourself, taking a 12-hour​ train journey alone, checking out a local beach, or just wandering around a new city on your own, you need to learn to enjoy your own company. Once you are comfortable doing things by yourself, you will gain a deeper understanding of who you are and what inspires you. Being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, without consulting anyone, is the ultimate sense of freedom.

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4. They understand that people are people.

No matter where you go in the world, people are people. In any part of the world, you will find that people all experience the same emotions. It doesn't matter where you were born, what religion you practice, or what language you speak. Deep down we are all the same. This is one of the most important realizations to have. Once you know this, you will lose the fear of "others" and will feel comfortable spending time with people from all different parts of the globe.

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5. They also understand that most people are good.

Traveling solo puts you in a vulnerable state. However, women who get out into the world with an open mind and an open heart will find that most people are good. While there will always be those that try to screw you over, there will be more that will go out of their way to lend a helping hand. This reassurance is one of the most uplifting and inspiring things to learn.

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6. They find happiness in simplicity.

The best things in life really are free. As a solo traveler, especially one that is traveling with just the basics, happiness comes from the simple things- getting clean after a long day out in the elements, catching a beautiful sunset, or getting into a deep conversation with someone you just met. It's the simple things that make life special.

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7. They have learned to be adaptable.

Traveling solo forces you to be adaptable. Things are not always going to go as planned and you may end up in situations that you would never imagine you'd ever be in. You may have to spend a night sleeping outside on something other than a bed. You may have to eat something you otherwise wouldn't choose. Or you may have to go a number of days without showering. And you need to accept these things with as much positivity as possible. Women who travel need to be adaptable- it is one of the most important traits to have.

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8. They know how much can be done in a short amount of time.

Women who travel realize that in a matter of months, weeks, or even days, so much can be done. In just a few months of your life, you can see numerous countries, meet countless people from all over the world, and have experiences that will become such a significant part of your life. The same holds true for how little can be done in the same amount of time. Your time is yours, it's up to you how you spend it.

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9. They are more open and understanding.

Women who travel are not only stronger, they are also more open and understanding. Traveling really opens your eyes to the world. With a broader perspective of reality, it is easier to be more open and understanding, and thus, more content with life.

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