When Does NCIS Come Back? Season 16 Return


When Does NCIS Come Back? Season 16 Return

Need to know when NCIS season 16 is returning to TV? On the season finale of NCIS season 15 Special Agent Sloane (Maria Bello) was haunted by a person of her past. Not just any person like an ex-boyfriend, a person who she referred to as the "Monster" who tortured her and her team a year ago in Afghanistan. Sloane never saw his face, but she convinced and determined to find out if the man is indeed him. But she's too late and "The Monster" aka Nigel Hakim (Pej Vahdat) escapes and kidnaps Vance (Rocky Carroll). Let's hope the NCIS team is coming up with a rescue mission during the season break! Want to know when NCIS season 16 is coming on air? We've got all the information on the return date of NCIS season 16.

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NCIS Season 16 Return

Good news, NCIS fans. NCIS will be returning for its sixteenth season this fall! This season will be the first NCIS season without beloved actress Pauly Perrette, but the show must go on. NCIS season 16 will be premiering on its home network CBS this fall. But, when will the show come back with new episodes?

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When Will NCIS Come Back To CBS?

Unfortunately, it looks like we won't get new episodes anytime soon. Once we have an official premiere date for the season, we will update you. In the meantime, while you're waiting for NCIS to start again, you can stream episodes of NCIS on CBS's website. Just because a show's not on the air doesn't mean you can't watch it! Excited for the return of NCIS season 16?

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The #NCIS cast looked absolutely incredible on the CBS #TCA17 red carpet!

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NCIS Season 16 Start Date Prediction

It looks like NCIS season 16 will likely start up sometime in September. Season 15 began on September 26, 2017, and season 14 began on September 20, 2018. So, we can expect a season 16 premiere date around the same time. Our best guess is that the premiere date will be September 25, 2018. However, only time will tell for now.