30 Insane Summerfest Instagram Captions (2018)

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All the best Summerfest Instagram Captions!

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30 Summerfest Instagram Captions

Sometimes it can be hard to see all your favorite artists in concert. Tour dates don't match with your schedule, tickets can be expensive, and no one wants to be the designated driver. Luckily there's a solution for all those missed concerts called Summerfest. And you best believe you'll take a ton of photos. So, why don't you pair that with the perfect Summerfest Instagram captions?

Hosted on Lake Michigan, Summerfest is the literally the biggest music festival of the summer so you can see all your favorite artists, all in one place. This year the headline acts include Logic, Florida Georgia Line, J Cole, Journey, Shawn Mendes, Halsey and many more.

We've rounded up the best Summerfest Instagram captions, so you can spend more time dancing to your favorite musicians and less time brainstorming.

Best Summerfest Instagram Captions


• "Music is the strongest form of magic" - Marilyn Manson

• "All you need is less"- Madeleine Somerville

• "We lose ourselves in the arms of this crowd"- Krewella

• "Long weekends at festivals, short weeks at home" - Tom Hodgkinson

• "Life may not be the party we hoped for but while we're here we should dance"- M.D.H

• Your vibe attracts your tribe

• You can never have too much happy


• "Do what you love and don't ever wonder what it could be" - Logic

• "Red light stop, green light go" - Logic

• "Everybody needs something" - Logic

• "Let you soul glow" - Logic

• "We put the world on our shoulders" - Logic

• "Baby get your shine on" - Florida Georgia Line

• "Ray Bans, got the whole world shaded" - Florida Georgia Line

• "Hell raisin' heat of summer" - Florida Georgia Line

• "Gettin' my sun daze on" - Florida Georgia Line

• "Time to get your buzz on" Florida Georgia Line

• "Get a little higher, sippin' on fire" - Florida Georgia Line


• "To appreciate the sun you gotta know what rain is" - J. Cole

• "Free your mind and everything follows" - J Cole

• "You gotta dream like you've never seen obstacles" - J. Cole

• "Don't stop believing" - Journey

• "Just a small town girl" - Journey


• "I know what you did last summer"- Shawn Mendes

• "We don't have to be ordinary"- Shawn Mendes

• "Make your best mistakes" - Shawn Mendes

• "Theres nothing holding me back" - Shawn Mendes

• "Be the life of the party" - Shawn Mendes

• "I can put on a show" - Halsey

• "Finding it hard to leave"- Halsey