37 Kings Island Instagram Captions

37 kings island instagram captions, pop culture

Want to get your scream on this summer? Here are the best Instagram captions for Kings Island to share after you've recovered from your roller coaster ride!


37 Kings Island Instagram Captions

If you're a thrill seeker, you need to add Kings Island Amusement Park to your summer bucket list. Kings Island is home to some of the fastest and fiercest roller coasters in the world, including Mystic Timbers the ride voted "Best New Ride" last summer. There's also *The Banshee, the worlds longest inverted steel roller coaster, which sends riders through seven inverted loops at top speeds of 70 miles per hour. Once your hands have stopped shaking, here are 37 Kings Island Instagram captions to show off your bravery (or insanity) to your friends who were too scared to come alone. Have the best, scream-filled summer at Kings Island this year! And don't forget to take some IG pics for those captions!


• Dropping into the weekend like…

• Reaching new heights

• Do it for the gram

• (Roller) Coasting into summer

• Coastin on the roller coasters

• Crash test dummies

• Look mom, no hands

• What goes up must come down

• Views from the thrills

• Lets get high

#KingsIsland 🎢

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• Let the good time roll-er coaster

• Get ready to rumble

• Got a need for speed

• Shaken not stirred

• Scream queen


• "I see nothing in space as promising as the view from a Ferris Wheel"- E.B White

• Up up and away

• Are you ready to rocket

• Sky high

• Breakneck speed

• Sky's the limit

• Putting the pedal to the metal

• Going for a joyride

• Merry going around and around

• Whip it good

• Life's a roller coaster

• I scream, you scream