Where To Watch Heathers Season 1 Online And On TV


Where To Watch Heathers Season 1 Online And On TV

Still wondering, "whats your damage Heather?" Well you don't need to anymore! The cult classic 1989 movie, Heathers is being rebooted as a TV show. Maintaining the same name, *Heathers but adopting a new clique, style and century, the 10 episode anthology series will definitely bring all the flare and drama of its predecessor. Our new clique of Heathers is Heather Chandler, (Melanie Field), Heather "Heath" Duke, (Brendan Scannell), and Heather McNamara, (Jasmine Mathews).If you were a fan of the Heathers movie, or even if you weren't, Heathers is definitely not a show to be missed. We have all the information on where to watch Heathers online and on TV.

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Where Can I Watch Heathers Season 1 On TV?

The first episode of Heather will air on March 7th on the Paramount network at 10|9 c. All 10 episodes of Season 1 of Heathers will continue to air on the Paramount network. The season hasn't aired yet so make sure you free up your calendar for the season premiere of season 1 of Heathers!

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Where Can I Watch Heathers Season 1 Online?

If you miss the live air of Heathers at 10|9c on Paramount, then head over to Paramount's website. Here, you can watch all-new episodes of Heathers after they air on TV. No need to plan an murders.

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Where Can I Purchase Heathers Season 1?- Amazon And iTunes

The Heathers never hold back and neither should you when it comes to Heathers Season 1. When streaming just isn't enough you can download episodes or the entire season 1 of Heathers on iTunes. Individual episodes are $2.99 and the entire season is $19.99. You can also watch the premiere episode right now on iTunes for free!

Amazon does not have purchasing options yet for Heathers season 1 but we will update you as soon as they do.

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Where Can I Stream Heathers Season 1? Hulu And Netflix

As of right now, neither Hulu or Netflix provides streaming services for Heathers season 1. But both Netflix and Hulu do provide streaming services to the original 1989 Heathers movie if you want to reacquaint yourself with the sharp wit and even sharper shoulder pads.

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What Can I Expect to Watch On Heathers Season One?

Well, Heathers. The show is maintaining the iconic trio of the Heathers, but almost everything else will be changing. But we are positive the fashion, biting wit, drama and social commentary will be as on point as the original. [Heathers season 1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B85lYenaxE) is not a show to be missed!