30 Michael Jackson Lyrics for Instagram Captions


The best Michael Jackson lyrics for Instagram Caption


32 Michael Jackson Lyrics for Instagram Captions

If you need a thriller Instagram caption, look no further than Michael Jackson lyrics. Dubbed the King of Pop for his catchy songs and fantastic performance style, you'd have to look hard for someone who is not familiar with his lyrics. We've got the best Michael Jackson Instagram captions.


• Life ain't so bad at all if you live it off the wall

• Sayin' you just wanna be startin' something

• Don't stop til you get enough

• Cause it's thriller' thriller night

• It's the soul that matters

• Dance you into day

• Relax your mind

• I wanna rock with you

• Love never felt so good

• Just call my name, and I'll be there


• ABC, easy as 123

• You've got to feel that heat

• We're sending out a major love

• She was more like a beauty queen, from a movie scene

• Too high to get over, too low to get under

• We're bringing brighter days

• Now I believe in miracles

• They say the sky's the limit and to me that's really true

• Get me out, into the night- time

• The way you make me feel


• Do you remember, how it all began?

• You've been struck by a smooth criminal

• The rarest love who'd think I find, someone like you to call mine

• Make a better place for you and me

• Heal the world, make it a better place

• Let the madness in the music get to you

• Just beat it

• Let's dance, let's shout

• Shake your body down to the ground

• Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the boogie