San Francisco Lingo - It’s A Thing. How Many Of These Words Do YOU Know?

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Do locals call San Francisco 'Frisco or San Fran? Or do they call it something else entirely? Only a true San Franciscan will know the answer.

Think you can prove that you're a real San Franciscan? The take this quiz about food, slang, and culture. No cheating! Real San Franciscans only.

 Dec 05, 2018
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A tourist calls San Francisco "Frisco", a local calls it _______.
San Fran
The City
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Someone might go to Twin Peaks for which of the following?
360 degree views from the Sutro Tower
The best shopping mall in San Francisco
The best nachos in town
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The fog is so common in San Francisco that it even has it's own personal name:
Kevin the fog
Katie the fog
Karl the fog
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Proper attire for a summer in San Francisco is?
Shorts and a tank top
Pants, layers, a puffy jacket, and maybe even a scarf
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True or false? Mark Twain said that quote about coldest winters being San Francisco summers.
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Where do you go to cheer on the Giants?
Oracle Arena
AT&T Park
Golden Gate Park
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The City's hopping with excitement and people when which of these festivals fills up Golden Gate Park every August?
Outside Lands
Burning Man
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But that crowd is nothing compared to when ______ happens on the third Sunday of May.
Dawn til Dusk
Sunset to Embarcadero
Bay to Breakers
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The ______ was one of the first gay neighborhoods in the United States.
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When driving across the Bay Bridge, you can stop off at _______ Island to see some great views of the Bridge and the City.
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Locals know that this hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant has the best burritos in the City:
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What's the name of the notorious bus system in San Francisco?
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As of 2018, the tallest building in San Francisco is...
Salesforce Tower
Transamerica Pyramid
555 California
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Which bridge shows a beautiful light display every evening?
Golden Gate Bridge
Bay Bridge
Martinez Bridge
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Where is the best place to get a burrito?
Only in the Castro.
Duh, Downtown.
The Mission, hands down.
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Which San Francisco bridge is the most photographed in the world?
The Golden Gate Bridge
The Richmond Bridge
The Bay Bridge
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During the Holiday season, where would you go to see the giant Christmas tree and go ice skating?
Golden Gate Park
Civic Center
Union Square
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_______ is the public transportation system used to access different parts of the City and the Bay Area.
The L
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Which of these popular 90s shows took place right in SF?
Full House
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You're not a real San Franciscan unless you have a collection of puffy jackets, mastered the art of layering, or know where in the city to get the best burritos. But most importantly, you can't say you're a real San Francisco local until you ace this quiz! Think you're up for the challenge?

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