New Mexico Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?

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Really think you know ALL of this New Mexico trivia?

If you know all things food, lingo, slang and more when it comes to New Mexico, then you might just be able to ace this New Mexico quiz, no problem!

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New Mexico local here? Awesome! You've definitely landed at the correct place because this "New Mexico Lingo - It's A Thing. How Many Words Do You Know?" quiz was made for you! For you as a New Mexico local, but also for other natives, transplants, frequent visitors, tourists, and enthusiasts. Whatever your tie is to New Mexico, if you love it and know a lot about it, that is enough for you to knock this quiz out of the park! Well, that is if you know everything there is to know about New Mexico geography, favorite local dishes, favorite local restaurants, lingo, slang, pronunciations, sports teams, national parks, deserts, and of course, cacti. And that's not even mention Mexican food which is in a whole category of it's own. Yeah, it's that good. So if the idea of possessing all of that knowledge was intimidating to you, then you might not want to attempt this quiz. Because you seriously need to be some type of New Mexico enthusiast if you want to have any chance at all of passing it. You can't slide by with some cursory knowledge of this majestic state. You have to be all in!

If you are indeed intimidated by this description, then odds are you aren't a New Mexico local or enthusiast. In which case, you might want to hop on over to one of's other United States' lingo quizzes. Seriously, has all fifty of them, and then cities and regions too. So no matter where it is that you call home, you can still take a quiz on it and reconnect with others who also call that city/state/region home! If you feel prepared, then go ahead and start this New Mexico quiz... maybe you'll knock it out of the park get an easy 100%!

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