Massachusetts *Lingo*- It's A Thing! How Much Do YOU Know?

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This should be a breeze... as long as you're not a chowderhead!

Take this quiz on Massachusetts lingo, culture and food to see if you know the Bay State as well as you think you do! It might be a little tough.

 Apr 25, 2019

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"Oh, did you miss that turn? No worries, just _______ at the next light!"
Flip a U-ey
Run a U-ey
Bang a U-ey

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What would someone from Massachusetts say if they REALLY like something?
"Wicked pissah!"
"That's hella cool!"

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What will you get if you order your coffee "regular"?
You'll get hot cocoa
It'll be black
It'll come with cream and sugar

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And the best place to get it is obviously at:
Caribou Coffee
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

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Don't have a car? Don't stress. You can always hop on the ____.

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Maryland loves its crabs, but Massachusetts loves _____!

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Don't worry if you get thirsty while you're out and about. You can always have a quick sip from a ______.

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Hey, batter batter! In Massachusetts, we cheer for the:
Red Sox!

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We all scream for ice cream, but what if you want chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
They're both called jimmies!
Chocolate ones are sprinkles, rainbow ones are jimmies
Sprinkles are rainbow, Jimmies are chocolate

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Tourists say they want to go to Cape Cod, but a real Massachusetts local says:
They're going to the Cod
They want to go to Cape Cod, too!
They want to go to the Cape

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Eat all the clam chowder you want (you won't get it better anywhere else), but never ever ask for ______ in it!

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Thirsty? Grab some beers at your local ____.
7 - Eleven

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If you want to enjoy a milkshake, you'd better order a _____!
Frappe. Pronounced "frap."
Uh, a milkshake?
A frosty!

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Careful driving in other states, or else someone might call you a:
M*sshole. What? It's not my fault they're too slow!
M*sscrack. Eh, what's it to me? Their driving stinks!
M*sshat. Get in the right lane!

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What's a rotary?
An old telephone
A roundabout in the road
Someone who's too uptight

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Which city are folks from Massachusetts referring to when they say they're going to "the City"?
Boston, duh.
NYC, duh.
Philly, duh.

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Massachusetts is a mouthful, so locals love to shorten it to:

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Leave the _____ State? No way! There's nowhere else quite like Mass.
Old Dominion
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