Florida Lingo - It's A Thing! How Many Words Do You Know?

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"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" via Warner Bros.

Only for Sunshine State locals!

Do you know everything Florida related like food, sports teams, and slang? Then take this quiz and ace it to prove it! It's pretty tricky though.

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Oh Florida. What a fun and unique state! Over twenty million people get to call the Sunshine State home and you can bet way more tourists and visitors than that flock to this gorgeous state every year. Especially come winter time. As the Southernmost state in the United States, Florida gets to enjoy some truly balmy beach weather. All year long. In fact, the only complaint might be that at times the weather can be a little too hot or humid. But you locals and natives are more than used to this "flip flops and t-shirts" weather. You get to enjoy it all the time! This Florida quiz was made for you lucky locals, actually! These twenty questions focus on an array of topics from popular dishes in Florida, to popular tourist attractions, trivial facts, and even Florida's wildlife. You may think you know Florida well, but truly only a local could ace this quiz! And maybe a snowbird too... we guess, but the true "locals" love to complain about them! Who can blame the snowbirds for avoiding their cold Northern weather and flocking to Florida too? They just love the warm beaches, palm trees, and dolphins, so cut them some slack!

If you are in the wrong place (because you're not actually a Florida native, local, enthusiast, or snowbird), don't worry! Women.com has hundreds of quizzes about every state in U.S., and many major cities. No matter where you call home, you can definitely take a fun quiz on it to reminisce on growing up in that state! And you bet women.com also has quizzes on spelling, vocabulary, grammar, science, entertainment, movies, and television! Whatever your interest may be, there's a quiz for it. And these quizzes are the perfect three minute mental escape from your busy day! So go ahead, start the quiz and see if you're a real Florida local!

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