It’ll Take A True Disney Fan To Ace This “Beauty and the Beast” Trivia Quiz

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures

Think you're a true Beauty And The Beat Fan? Then prove it!

Think you're a true Beauty And The Beast fan? Then prove it! Take this ultimate Beauty And The Beast quiz. Oh, and you have to ace it. No cheating!

 Nov 09, 2019

1 of 25Which song is this line from?

"Try the grey stuff, it's delicious! Don't believe me? Ask the dishes."
Something There
Be Our Guest

2 of 25Which Wing of the castle was Belle forbidden to go to?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures
The West Wing
The East Wing
The North Wing
The South Wing

3 of 25What was Belle's father's name?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures

4 of 25Pick Your Answer!

Which character sings "Beauty And The Beast"?
Mrs. Potts

5 of 25Finish the line!

"No one fights like Gaston, douses lights like Gaston. In a wrestling match ______!"
Nobody bites like Gaston
Nobody swipes like Gaston
Nobody can crush like Gaston

6 of 25What does Belle sing about wanting after turning down Gaston?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures
True love with someone who's kind and romantic
Adventure in the great wide somewhere
To read all the books she could want

7 of 25Who said it?

"Note the unusual inverted vaulted ceilings. This is yet another example of the neo-classic Baroque period, and as I always say, if it's not Baroque, don't fix it!"
Mrs. Potts

8 of 25Finish The Line!

"True, that he's no Prince Charming But there's ______."
something in him that I simply didn't see
a warmth in him I didn't see
something in the way he looks at me

9 of 25Pick Your Answer!

Which animals attack Belle and the Beast when she's running away?
A pack of wolves
Mountain lions

10 of 25Pick Your Answer!

What book do Belle and Beast read together?
Romeo and Juliet
A Midsummer Night's Dream

11 of 25Who Said It?

"Oh, try to be patient, sir. The girl has lost her father and her freedom all in one day."
Mrs. Potts

12 of 25What's Gaston's sidekick's name?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures

13 of 25What gift does Beast give to Belle?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures
A brand new wardrobe
A new horse
A beautiful library

14 of 25Finish The Line!

"Voilà! Oh, you look so, so..." "_______."

15 of 25What Song Is This Line From?

"Well it's no wonder that her name means 'beauty.' Her looks have got no parallel."
Beauty And The Beast

16 of 25Which Character Is This?

Beauty and the Beast via Buena Vista Pictures

17 of 25Pick Your Answer!

Why does Belle leave the castle after they dance?
Both of these
Beast realizes he must let her go if he loves her
She sees Maurice is in trouble through the magic mirror

18 of 25Pick Your Answer!

Why does Beast spare Gaston's life?
The villagers would have killed him if he didn't
He realizes he'll be the beast people think he is if he does
Belle asks him to

19 of 25Pick Your Answer!

The Prince is turned into the Beast by a ______.
Beautiful enchantress
Old witch

20 of 25Pick Your Answer

And why does she turn him into a Beast?
"She had seen that he was too angry."
"She had seen that there was no love in his heart."
"She had seen he had no money."

21 of 25Pick Your Answer!

What magic item does she give him?
An enchanted castle
An enchanted rose
A magic scarf

22 of 25Pick Your Answer!

What did she say he needed to do before the last petal falls?
Save a certain amount of lives before the last petal falls
Sincerely apologize to every single person he's hurt
Earn a girl's love before the last petal falls or stay a beast forever

23 of 25Pick Your Answer!

How many eggs does Gaton eat a day?
Ten dozen
Five dozen
Three dozen

24 of 25Finish The Line!

"Well, there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, _______."
extravagant gifts
promises you don't intend to keep
your freedom

25 of 25Pick Your Answer!

What does the footstool turn into at the end?
A dog
A cat
A little boy
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