5 Reasons Why 'The Bachelor' Is Ruining Your Relationship

Juan Pablo in The Bachelor

You might want to rethink your Monday nights...

The Bachelor Is Ruining Your Relationship—Here's How

We all have our guilty pleasures, and reality TV is definitely one of them.

It's hard not to watch, especially when ABC produces shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette so frequently.

But, you might want to rethink watching these shows on Monday nights, because The Bachelor might be negatively affecting your relationship more than you know. It's understandable how reality TV can be addicting to watch—break from reality, drama, sappy love stories, lavish getaways, but is it worth your healthy relationship?

Scroll below to discover all the negative ways this reality show is ruining your relationship!

1. The Timeline of a Relationship

The Bachelor is a two-month time frame where, at the end of it all, you're expected to be in love and engaged. The timeline puts an insane amount of pressure to get to know someone and have real feelings for them.

We've all been through the dating life and how long it truly takes to get to know someone, and sometimes after the fourth or fifth date you realize they aren't the person for you.

Setting an unrealistic time frame isn't healthy for a relationship. Unknowingly, you can be putting extra pressure on your partner to move faster in the relationship because if the contestants can fall in love that quickly, why can't you? Reality TV doesn't always affect reality and this is true for a timed love story.

Don't let the pressure of time affect your relationship, it does take time and patiences to get to that next step.

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2. The Competition

The Bachelor is a competition show, let's face it. Women and men are competing to win over someone's love. No one should have to prove their worth just to be loved, which is also not a good way to start a relationship.

Thinking that you always have to be the best or else your partner might "choose" someone else is something no one should live with. You want to feel comfortable in your relationship without having to compete for any sort of attention.

3. Unrealistic Atmosphere

Love or your dating life won't stop real-life responsibilities. In the show, men and women are swept away from reality and for two months they must prove their love to someone by going on dates and staying in a huge house with strangers, solely to find love at the end.

Real-life responsibilities will not stop just because you're dating or are in a relationship. A relationship, work, bills, life is a balance that you have to figure out.

As much as we wish it were true, life doesn't stop so we can find true love.


4. Unrealistic Dates

Lavish getaways, helicopter rides, and extravagant outings are probably not something that happen in a relationship or on every date. As much as we wish it did, it just isn't the case. Once these contestants go home, there are no more lavish plane rides or dates.

This sets a very high standard for what your dates should be and even though you aren't expecting a helicopter ride over a city, you might set some high standards for a night out. Don't set yourself up for failure. It shouldn't be about how expensive the meal is or how you got to the location, it's about getting to know the person and enjoying each other's company.

5. Save the Drama

Drama sells, and on The Bachelor it sells really well, that's why there is so much of it. Men arguing and insulting each other, women criticizing other women, there is plenty of drama in the show.

It's important to remember to save the drama. Life is way too busy and complicated to add unnecessary drama, arguments, insults into the mix of a relationship. It's also not a healthy base to start a relationship. Although it might be reality TV and some of the drama is staged, it doesn't send a good message.

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