Quiz: Only A New Yorker Can Translate This NY Lingo. Can You?

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Are you a true New Yorker? Take the test!

Take this quiz to see how well you know your home state of New York by answering questions about slang, food and local traditions. Are you up to it?

 Sep 16, 2018
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What other name is New York City known by?
The Big Apple
The City of Brotherly Love
Sin City
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In New York, pie refers to the dessert, but is also another name for:
Cheesy bread
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Throughout the United States, what degree is only offered at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan?
Adventure Education
Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
Fashion design
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Which of these movies did not take place in New York City?
The Big Lebowski
Sex in the City
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Which is not a common weekend activity for New Yorkers living in NYC?
Driving a car
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Tourists love to flock to which historic landmark that resides in New York?
The Liberty Bell
The Mona Lisa
The Statue of Liberty
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You can get a lot of places on the Subway - How many miles long are the subway tracks in NYC?
600 miles long
5,000 miles long
10,000 miles long
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What colors do New York baseball fans bleed for their beloved Mets?
Green and white
Blue and orange
Red and yellow
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But if you're on the other side of the rivalry, you'll be repping which colors for the Yankees?
Red, white, and blue
Green, orange, and yellow
White, blue and gray
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How many Super Bowl victories do the Giants have under their belt?
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What famous stadium do the Giants call home?
Tiger Stadium
Yankee Stadium
Rose Bowl
12 of 18Finish the order:
"I'll get one everything bagel with _______"
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Brrr, it can really be ______ out during the winter in New York.
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What does TriBeCa stand for?
Triangle below Canal
Trees below Canal
Triangle below Chelsea
15 of 18Finish the phrase:
"Hey! __________ twitter post!"
Check this
Peep this
Watch this
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What seafood is particularly delicious and popular in New York?
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Who was New York named after?
University of York
Alexander M. York
The Duke of York and Albany
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Which area of New York hosts the Ball Drop every New Year's Eve?
Times Square
Staten Island
Greenwich Village
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