Philly Dialect - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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How well do you know the City of Brotherly Love?

Only the smartest Philadelphia locals will know the answers to all of these Philadelphia trivia questions. Can you get 100%?

 Jan 19, 2019
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What famous document was signed in Philadelphia?
The Declaration of Independence
The Treaty of Versailles
The Monroe Doctrine
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Ordering a cheesesteak "wit" gets you what on your sandwich?
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If you're visiting a "MAC" in Philly, what are you doing?
Hitting up an ATM
Visiting an apple orchard
Going to the farmer’s market
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What do you ask for in Philly when you want a sandwich on a long roll filled with meat, cheese and vegetables?
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If someone is "drawlin'" then they are _____.
acting out of character
walking slowly
being lazy
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What motto is engraved on the Liberty Bell?
“Liberty and justice for all.”
“Give me liberty or give me death.”
“Proclaim liberty throughout all the land.”
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Who are you likely to bump into on Elfreth's Alley?
Betsy Ross
Uncle Sam
Abraham Lincoln
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Rocky Balboa ran up the stairs of which famous Philadelphia landmark when he was training?
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Veterans Stadium
Franklin Institute
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Everyone knows Philly’s nickname is the City of _____ Love.
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If something is "ard" in Philly, it is _____.
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What the heck does “Schuylkill” mean?
“Turtle crossing”
“Old black water”
“Hidden river”
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When does Philadelphia’s iconic “Mummers Parade” occur?
St. Patrick’s Day
New Year’s Day
Valentine’s Day
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What is the name of the mascot for the Philadelphia Phillies?
Philly Franklin
The Green Monster
Phillie Phanatic
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Many in Philly are known to enjoy a "wooder ice," but what is that exactly?
An Italian ice
A watermelon icee
A soft serve ice cream cone
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Which one wasn’t invented in Philly?
Bubble gum
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What was Philadelphia originally intended to be?
A Quaker utopian town
An American monarchy
A mining town
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What are you most likely to find when hanging out at Rittenhouse Square?
Flower markets and fine arts shows
Antiques markets and jazz concerts
Meat markets and culinary classes
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Which dance craze was popularized by Chubby Checker on the Philly-based TV show American Bandstand?
The Twist
The Mashed Potato
The Loco-Motion
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