Hailey Bieber's Out-Of-This-World Neon Nails Are The Glow We're Chasing For Summer 2024

Hailey Bieber is back with yet another nail look we can't wait to try. The trendsetter has ditched (at least temporarily) her signature glazed donut nails for summer 2024 in favor of something much bolder ... neon! But when we say neon nails, we don't just mean regular old neon polishes like we've seen on our toes as the weather heats up. When Bieber gave us a glimpse of her bold talons on Instagram, not only was the color bright, but it literally lit up the room. Yep, Bieber was all about the edgy glow-in-the-dark neon mani.


The model showed off a bright green set glowing under the long arm of her sweatshirt, but there are SO many shades to try to light your way through the summer. You could coat every nail entirely in that magical glowy stuff, or use it to create eye-catching designs to gaze at in the dark. We think polka dots would look great over the top of a standard polish so all you'll see are the dots. But you could go that one step further and apply nail art such as smiley faces or words to surprise your friends when the sun goes down.

How to get neon glow-in-the-dark nails

There are several ways to recreate Hailey Bieber's gorgeous glow. We're talking nails here, but remember you could also try her watercolor blush hack to emulate her glowy skin. One of the best ways to get the look is via glow-in-the-dark lacquer in a standard polish or gel formula. Many big brands offer these types of polishes, including Sally Hansen. Most of these are super easy to apply and can go over your usual base coat (be sure to check out our tips for prepping your nails to make sure you get a smooth, chip-free application). There are also glow-in-the-dark pigments on the market. These work in a similar way to chrome powders and are rubbed onto the nail. The plus side of a pigment is it can give a smoother finish as it's less likely to bubble, and, you may find powder longer lasting than its liquid sister.


There are even easier ways to get the look, though. Firstly, faux glow-in-the-dark nails. These will come ready to go, so all you have to do is apply them over your natural nails. Perfect for if you have shorter talons, nails that don't take well to lacquers or powders, or don't have much time. Then there are glow in the dark nail wraps, which you can apply over your nail for that easy glowy aesthetic. 

What else to know about glow in the dark nails

Before you jump into the neon nail fun, there are a few things to keep in mind. Glow-in-the-dark polishes and pigments often use phosphorescence to provide that jaw-dropping luminosity. That means they need to be exposed to light so they can store that energy and then glow in the dark. Depending on the product, you can essentially 'charge' it by putting your hands in sunlight for a few minutes (remember to apply SPF to your hands first, even in the winter!) or under a UV light. Without light exposure, many glow-in-the-dark products just won't work. You may also find that most products only light up for around 45 minutes or less unless you re-charge, so plan ahead if you're hoping to make a statement.


Equally, as with anything you're putting on your body, only buy from reputable sellers. Though most glow-in-the-dark beauty products are safe, make sure the brand hasn't had issues with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Then you'll know your glow isn't endangering your health.

Another big thing to remember? Get the right product. Though they're easy to get confused, glow-in-the-dark polishes and powders aren't the same as black light polishes and powders. While glow-in-the-dark products will glow even in low light (as long as they've been exposed to light beforehand), black-light nail products only glow under UV light.