Think Twice Before You Wear These Shoes To A Wedding

Being a modern-day wedding guest can be a total minefield. It can feel near impossible to know what to wear, seeing as there are so many different ideas about what's appropriate and what isn't. For example, it's been suggested that you should avoid wearing black so it doesn't look like you're heading to a funeral, and not wear red as it suggests you may have slept with the groom. Really. But even once you've decided on the color for your clothing, you've got to think about what you're going to put on your feet. We've all been guilty of creating a super hot wedding outfit but then just slipping whatever we can find that kind of goes on our feet. But that can be a really bad idea because the best results come when you think about your shoe choice in the context of the wedding you're heading to.


There are quite a few footwear options you really don't want to be wearing when you toast to the happy couple because it's all too easy to look sloppy, find yourself in a whole lot of pain, or take an accidental tumble in front of everyone — purely because you chose the wrong shoes. So, to avoid that, we're sharing five footwear styles you should probably think twice about wearing before you head to your next wedding.

Stiletto heels for outdoor weddings on grass or sand

High stiletto heels are usually a staple at a wedding. They can be glamorous and sophisticated and they show you've made an effort to get dressed up for the happy couple. Not to mention, they can enhance your figure and your outfit. But you may want to think twice about rocking stilettos to certain weddings, because, in some cases, they can up your chances of falling flat on your face in front of your fellow wedding guests. And that's not exactly the best impression. Weddings where you're probably best leaving your stilettos at home would be beach weddings (stilettos + sand = disaster waiting to happen) or any ceremonies taking place on grass (as stilettos or notorious for sinking in). You'll also want to ditch them if you know the wedding is taking place in a location that involves a lot of walking or a lot of stairs. Because no one's in their best mood when their feet are hurting. Trust us.


If you're determined to rock this kind of heel though, there are ways to slash your chances of tripping and falling. On grass, try plastic heel protectors to stop your stiletto from sinking into the grass or mud. It's also a good idea to carry a pair of comfortable flats in your purse for any terrain changes or extended walks.

Shoes that look overly bridal

Just like wearing white to a wedding, wearing shoes that look very traditionally bridal is another no-go. We're not saying you can't wear white shoes at all, because just a hint of white on your footwear (as long as it's not too overwhelming) should be okay. What we're talking about here, though, are things like white or ivory pumps with accessories like bows or embellishments. Anything that looks like it would fit in a bridal store. That's because these types of shoes should be reserved for the bride on their big day, especially if they're more traditional and are planning to wear a white gown. We're also going to put overly embellished shoes into this category, as things like an overdose of sparkles may be seen as a way to try and distract from the bride.


It's worth noting, though, that how appropriate these kinds of shoes will be is very much dependent on the person getting married. Some brides may not be particularly bothered about their guests rocking white or overly-embellished accessories. So, if you have a pair of white bridal-esque shoes or over-the-top footwear that you think would be perfect for the event, it's never a bad idea to just check in with the bride before the wedding to make sure they're comfortable with your choice.

Sneakers to formal weddings

We totally get it, for some people, sneakers are a wardrobe staple. They're comfy, they're practical, and they're easy to throw on, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're appropriate for a wedding. Even if they're the trendiest sneakers around. Most weddings tend to be at least semi-formal affairs, which is why sneakers are unlikely to fit the dress code (you can find out more about what wedding dress codes mean right here). By wearing sporty shoes to an event like a wedding, you may be inadvertently telling the couple you didn't care enough to dress up while also suggesting to the other guests that you don't value their time and feel too self-important to follow the dress code. Remember, the focus should be on the couple, not your shoes.


Not to mention, a lot of sneakers, though trendy, can be clunky and distracting, and they probably won't go with a lot of wedding-appropriate outfits — no matter your style. So, unless you've specifically been told by the couple that it's okay to wear sneakers, or you know for a fact the wedding isn't a formal affair, we'd suggest saving sneakers for your everyday looks.

Flip-flops (if it's not a casual beach wedding)

It's also a good idea not to slip into your flip-flops to attend someone's big day. Similarly to sneakers, flip-flops (especially the flimsy kind that are designed to be worn in water) are just too casual for a wedding. Once again, they may make it look like you weren't interested in putting in a lot of effort or decided to ignore any dress codes. Many flip-flops just aren't designed to be worn to events away from a beach, too, so you're also risking them ripping or splitting when you're on the dancefloor. And that wouldn't be a good look.


The only time it may be appropriate to wear flip-flops is if you're heading to a wedding on the beach that you know has a very casual dress code. But even then, we'd recommend investing in a pair of more formal sandals to show that you're respecting the couple and the event by dressing up. However, some couples may actually hand out flip-flops on their wedding day when the dancing starts, as a comfortable alternative to the shoes their guests have been wearing all day. And, of course, if that's the case, it's fine to dance the night away in your flip-flops.

Shoes you can't walk in

All too many of us are guilty of buying shoes we can't walk in just because they look pretty (yeah, we're guilty too), but a wedding probably isn't the place to bring them out. No matter why you can't walk in them (maybe the heel is too high, they're too tight, or they're too big, etc.), something this important just isn't the time to risk it. That's because wedding days are usually very sacred to the people tying the knot, and it's not worth the risk of tripping up, falling down, or potentially injuring yourself all for the sake of cute shoes. No one wants to be the person who slips out of their shoes and grabs the bride's hair as they go down. Nor do they want to be the one who ends the night with a trip to the emergency room because they rolled an ankle. Or worse.


Instead, opt for shoes you know you can walk in and will be comfortable doing a little dancing in, too. That way you'll avoid all the awkwardness of having to be carried around or needing hours to move from one spot to the other on someone else's big day.