Tips For Rocking The Polo Trend In 2024

Of everything that Miuccia Prada gave us, perhaps the piece we're most thankful for in the summer of 2024 is the polo shirt. Sure, sure, it's been around for a while, but it's finally reared its preppy head back in the world of street fashion, along with the ever-timeless tennis necklace. The quintessential polo shirt has circulated through the world of polo players, to outlet mall shoppers, to frat boys, and is finally back in the domain where it truly belongs: with the chic. 


In her Miu Miu S/S 2024 show, we noticed a lot of things, but what we were most surprised by was how refreshing and essential the polo shirt suddenly seemed. First of all, we couldn't believe it was back in style. Secondly, we couldn't get over how good it looked! Now, as we're swiftly heading into summer, we are ready to rock this timeless top. From its jaunty little collar to its buttoned placket, the polo shirt serves vibes of athletic luxury, with its history as a sartorial piece favored by golfers, tennis stars, and of course, polo players. While we acknowledge its sporty history, we're vibing with the polo shirt in all of its versatile capacities. 

Layer your polo shirt underneath a blazer

The beauty of a polo shirt is its adaptability. Since it's basically an upgraded version of the basic t-shirt, styling it can and should be an effortless experience. What the polo shirt offers — that a basic t-shirt can sometimes lack — is that added layer of sophistication. The soft collar gives prep-school vibes, so work this posh effect into your look. Wear it underneath a simple blazer, and pair it with your favorite loose denim. On cooler days, style a simple cardigan as an added layer to play with the eclectic grandpa trend that is popping up all over the place in the summer of 2024. If you want to lean into the collegiate effect of the polo shirt, consider keeping the buttons fastened all the way up to the neck. It gives the overall outfit a more polished, deliberate feel. Finish off with your favorite wire-rimmed sunglasses


Pair a long-sleeved polo shirt with a mini skirt

The long-sleeved polo shirt is the texturally rich big sister of the classic polo shirt. This fuller iteration of the preppy trend comes in cropped versions or longer versions, ideal for layering under sweaters or wraps. We love the playful visuals of a cropped, long-sleeved polo with a mini skirt. The balanced look is so charming, because you're offsetting the ample fabric of the top with the scant fabric of the bottoms. Plus, a pleated mini skirt is our favorite way to tease out those varsity cheerleader vibes. 


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Turn the look on its head by rocking heels, making a deliberate departure from the typical athletic styling that polo shirts offer. Alternating stripes add a color story to the shirt that's evocative of the 1970s athletic era. Matching one of those color tones with the mini skirt is a great way to keep the outfit simple and elegant. 

Style a polo shirt with cargo pants and heels

The coolest version for styling your polo shirt comes from the easy combo of a vivid shirt, loose slacks, and decadent heels. Cargo pants are having a real moment of their own, so the trending power of these bottoms with the newly-revived polo top is a guaranteed home run. Plus, cinching the ties at the base of the pants creates a barrel-like leg shape, which gives the whole outfit a more complex silhouette. A retro, oversized Adidas polo shirt in collegiate green could not be more perfect with this stunning exhibition of street style. 


What makes this sartorial amalgamation so stylish is the unorthodox pairings of a loose, athletic-styled polo and the utility-focused cargo pants with impractical heels. A buttery yellow shoulder bag and equally dazzling sunglasses means that we can't look away. An elegant gold bracelet offsets the functionality of the cargo pants by adding a delicate, feminine touch. 

Tap into quiet luxury with a polo shirt

If quiet luxury is your jam, the classic polo shirt is one of the most effective ways to showcase this trend. Our favorite variation on this opulent styling is the tennis uniform. Whether or not you actually play tennis is beside the point; this outfit is worth making your own, since it perfectly captures an athletic, rich vibe. Bonus points if you finish off the look with a headband! 


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A colorful polo shirt with the quintessential white collar is a great place to start. Have fun with branding by opting for a classic variation of the polo shirt, like a Lacoste version, complete with the green crocodile logo on the chest. Loosely tuck this into a white, pleated tennis skirt, and tie a colorful sweater around your waist for the ideal balance of simple whites with preppy jolts of dopamine-hitting hues. Go all out with the tennis star energy by rocking sporty, scrunched socks and white sneakers. 

Rock a polo shirt with a midi-skirt and sneakers

A polo shirt doesn't always have to be made from knitted cotton. As this trend takes over, we're spotting polo shirts in all sorts of marvellous textiles, like crochet-knit pieces. The unexpected material adds to the playfulness of the polo shirt, and creates its own departure from the classic top. Mix and match patterns by opting for similar colors and tones. Invite maximalism into your life by bringing those thematic colors into your accessories, too. Tonal sneakers in rich, citrus hues are a yes. Bright, playful earrings and sunglasses are a charming addition. 


We're used to seeing polo shirts with preppier bottoms, like the pleated tennis skirt. To take the look in a more daring direction, pair your polo shirt with an unconventional bottom, like a midi-length skirt. It creates a charming twist on the classic combo of polo shirt and skirt.