The Taylor Swift Song You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

With more than 200 tracks in her catalogue, it's safe to say that Taylor Swift has a song for literally every mood. 

Lookin for an upbeat tune for hanging with friends? Put on "22." Need something to help you process a painful heartbreak? There's no better track than "All Too Well." Talk to any Swiftie and they can probably list off specific songs that they relate to so much, they're convinced they were written for them. It's a testament to Swift's writing skills; specifically how she's able to create so many unique tracks that speak to different people, at different stages in their lives. And if you're into astrology, you'll find there is a song for pretty much every zodiac sign, too. 


That may not be surprising to dedicated Swifties, as Swift has spoken about her belief in astrology before. In fact, back in 2019, the star explained how being a Sagittarius sometimes influences the way she reacts to things. During a 2019 Rolling Stone interview, outspoken LGBTQ+ ally Taylor Swift recalled a conversation she had with a friend. "I'm an archer. We literally stand back, assess the situation, process how we feel about it, raise a bow, pull it back, and fire," she shared (peep "The Archer" Easter egg there, Swifties!). So, with Swift's passion for the zodiac in mind, we've done all the hard work to determine exactly which of this pop superstar's songs you are, depending on your sun sign.


Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) – Change

Aquarius people are all about the greater good and making a difference, which is why Taylor Swift's "Change" is the ultimate track for them. The song is all about, embracing new beginnings and making the world a better place for all those in it. Swift sings about someone suffering multiple losses, but reassure them, "But I believe in whatever you do/And I'll do anything to see it through." She adds, "These walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down/This revolution, the time will come." And that couldn't embody the Aquarius personality more.


People born under this air sign are great thinkers and all about making progress, forever contemplating about the ways they can improve situations for themselves and the people around them. And that great compassion and love for teamwork is extremely evident in this empowering track, which was featured on "Fearless (Taylor's Version)." In fact, this song is so inspiring, just like our Aquarius friends, that it was used by the United States Olympic at the 2008 games.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) – Mine

Pisces people are perfectly aligned with Taylor Swift's "Mine" because of their impressive ability to fantasize and predict what's happening next. Swift has shared that when she wrote the track, which featured on "Speak Now," she had a sort of psychic vision about what a potential romance would be like in the future. "This is a situation where a guy that I just barely knew put his arm around me by the water, and I saw the entire relationship flash before my eyes, almost like a weird science-fiction movie," she explained to Our Country back in 2010. And that's exactly the kind of phenomena many Pisces are used to.


Pisces are also known for their sensitivity and ability to feel emotions intensely, a theme that features heavily on "Mine." At one point in the track, Swift reminisces about an argument with a partner that sees her storms off, but then shares how comforted she felt after person in question ran after her and professed their love. Pisces can be super spiritual and romantic, which means a love story with a Piscean can be dramatic, but also deep and meaningful, just like the relationship in the song.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) – Bejeweled

Aries babies, best believe you're still bejeweled. This song from Taylor Swift's "Midnights" is perfect for Aries people because of their sunny attitude -– until someone crosses them. Aries people are famous for being positive, energetic, and playful, which matches the beat of the song. But, equally, they're not the people you want to cross when something has upset them (Hey, Aries is a fire sign, after all!).


"Bejeweled" tells the story of that to a tee. In the track, Swift is setting her boundaries and making it clear to a lover that if they can't treat her right, she has no problem going where she is wanted –- a nod to Aries' tendency to put themselves and their needs first. Not only that, but people who fall under the Aries sign are famous for their intense passion, of which this song has plenty of. Aries babies are also pretty direct when it comes to what they want, and Swift isn't mincing her words in this song about the fact she wants some respect and attention. Two things Aries people know they deserve.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20) – The Last Great American Dynasty

Taurus is an earth sign that loves serenity and calm, wandering from one enchanting moment to the next. That's why the mid-tempo "The Last Great American Dynasty" (and much of Taylor Swift's earthy, woodlands-inspired album "Folkore," for that matter) is the song for you. In case you're unfamiliar with how the song came about, it was actually inspired by Rebekah Harkness, a wealthy socialite who was born in 1915 and became the talk of her Rhode Island town after inheriting her husband's money and throwing lavish, Gatsby-like parties. If that doesn't speak directly to Taurus people's appreciation for luxury, we don't know what does!


Those who fall under this sign are also notorious for working hard and saving their cash, so we're guessing many Taureans can relate to Harkness' impressive wealth and her extravagant lifestyle as she strived for the best. Equally, Harkness was known for her dedication to good causes, and similarly, Taurus people are known for being dedicated and determined once they put their mind to something. 

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) – Cruel Summer

People who fall under the Gemini zodiac sign are pretty much always on the move. They love to socialize, they love to be out, and they love to party. Which is why "Cruel Summer" is the song for you if you're a Gemini. The upbeat track is great for getting people on the dancefloor (the more the merrier for the Gemini!) yet it also represents the Gemini curiosity, as it saw Swift play around with an upbeat, playful sound we hadn't seen from her in a little while. 


The song also demonstrated the way many Geminis can be so outwardly expressive. Swift goes from singing in a mid-tempo, not too quiet, not to loud way, to making her feelings all too clear as she sings sharp and fast for the famous, "I'm drunk in the back of the car/And I cried like a baby comin' home from the bar" bridge. Geminis can be great at communication, and aren't afraid to express themselves, just like Swift does here. This track is also one of the shorter we've seen from Swift, with a runtime of just under three minutes. That's perfect for Geminis, as they famously don't tend to have the longest of attention spans.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22) – Cornelia Street

The water sign Cancer is notorious for its love of home. Many cancers have a deep connection to home and don't always like to stray too far from the familiar, which is why "Cornelia Street" from "Lover" perfectly embodies them. Cancers can be very loyal and take their relationships seriously, as they effortless blend into being the ultimate caregiver to those they love. On "Cornelia Street," Swift sings about a specific street in Manhattan that she considers home with her partner and how it means so much to her, she wouldn't be able to return to it if they split. As Cancers know the importance of protecting their heart, this is a similar response to the one many Cancers would behave in this situation.


Also in the song, Swift sings about an argument she had with her lover that saw her walk away from their place on Cornelia Street. Cancers, when you first meet them, can be tough to crack and may not feel comfortable opening up right away, which is why they can have a fight or flight response to these situations. Although they tend to be softer in nature, they can still snap when provoked – just like Swift did when she walked away from her man.

Leo (July 23 – August 22) – ...Ready For It

Leo's, are you ... ready for it? These zodiac sign is elementally associated with fire, and, boy, do Leos embody that. They're known for being brave, bold, and passionate, and "...Ready For It" from "reputation" is certainly no shrinking violet of a song. The brash, up-tempo track opens Taylor Swift's boldest album to date with a soaring beat that lets you know she's arrived — and that's the kind of welcome Leos would love every time they enter the room. Thye certainly aren't afraid of some fanfare to celebrate them, after all.


Leos aren't afraid of a little drama in a relationship either, and the super stylish Taylor Swift seems to be inviting that and everything else that comes her way on this track. On the track, she tells a potential lover how perfect their life could be together,, fully confident that she'll captivate him from the first touch. This also mirrors the determination of a Leo, as Swift is determined to get herself the man she's been lusting over and will stop and nothing to have him.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22) – Tolerate It

Those who fall under the Virgo sign tend to be very aware of what's going on around them and analyze situations in their head before expressing what they're thinking. On "Tolerate It," taken from the album "Evermore," Swift is trying to process if her relationship is really over and sings her innermost thoughts out loud as she observes her partner's change in behavior. She notices that her partner is no longer really celebrating her love and seems to be putting up with her actions. Anyone who knows a Virgo will know it's all about the details. "Lay the table with the fancy s**t/And watch you tolerate it/If it's all in my head, tell me now/Tell me I've got it wrong somehow," Swift sings. 


Swift also sings about doing all she can to make the other person feel happy and comfortable, which is a big personality trait for many Virgos. They make very supportive partners and friends and like to offer solutions to others problems. In the lyrics, we learn that she's doing every practical thing she can to rescue their relationship, from laying the table in a pleasing way, to acting like the stereotypical housewife.

Libra (September 23 – October 22) – Guity As Sin?

For the romantic Libra, "Guilty As Sin" is the perfect song. The track came via "The Tortured Poets Department" era, which in itself seems made for the air sign's love of fine art. On this specific song, though, Swift is seriously longing for someone ...even though she may just be in a relationship with someone else. This isn't to say that Libras are unfaithful. Libras are all about relationships and thrive when they're in a romantic situation with someone else. But, because they're such strong believers in close connections, that can sometimes mean they get themselves into sticky situations. 


Libras are serious people-pleasers by nature, which can result in a desire to make too many people happy at the same time. Swift herself touches on that in the song as she considers what people would think if she abandoned her current lover for a relationship with the person she's fantasizing about. "What if I roll the stone away?/They're gonna crucify me anyway," she muses. You might say it's a lose-lose situation, but Libra knows how to compartmentalize and look at themselves from a distance, and ask whether it really is fair to call them guilty for simply having "bad thoughts."

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) – Vigilante S**t

There aren't many tunes that represent the powerful, and sometimes conspiratorial-nature of a Scorpio like "Vigilante S**t"? The track sees Swift out for revenge and ready to expose a man who has been having an affair and committing white collar crime. Scorpios are known for lying in wait, plotting their next move, and, when they've been wronged, knowing just how to make things right. They won't sting unless you provoke them first, so the lyrical refrain "I don't start s**t, but I can tell you how it ends/Don't get mad, get even," could arguably considered a mantra they live by.


Scorpios are also known for their love of control, and Swift makes sure she gets plenty in this track with tantalizing lines like, "They say looks can kill and I might try." But don't think Scorpios are all about the dark side. They're also very big on loyalty and meaningful relationships, so the fact that Swift sings about teaming up with the villainous man's ex-wife after seeing his downfall only makes this more Scorpio-coded. But hey, per her birth chart, Swift's Mars sign is in Scorpio, so this kind of thing shouldn't be surprising.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21) – Welcome to New York

Those with a Sagittarius zodiac sign like Taylor Swift are natural explorers. They have a deep wanderlust and a thirst for knowledge, and where could be better for exploring anything and everything that the bright lights and big city? Featured on 2014's "1989," "Welcome to New York" sees Swift singing about taking on the concrete jungle with an open arms and heart. "The lights are so bright, but they never blind me," she sings on the outro , capturing the fiery zodiac sign's unwavering optimism and desire to throw themselves into new adventures without a single worry that something bag could happen. And with the song's poppy, upbeat synth sound and its general excitement over arriving in a new city, it's just right for Sag's enterprising spirit.


Equally, Sagittarius people love the feeling of freedom, and that sometimes translates into how they express themselves. Much like the typical native New Yorker, this zodiac is known for its bluntness in conversations. Although that can sometimes rub people up the wrong way, the Sagittarius positivity usually takes the edge off — or shakes it off, you could say.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19) – The Man

Capricorns are notoriously hard workers who don't let anything get in their way once they set their mind on something. That's why the super empowering track "The Man" is the perfect song for those who fall under this sign. The feminist anthem sees Swift envision what her life would be like if she were male; highlighting issues such as the seemingly never ending gender pay gap, and the different ways in which men and women are perceived, even if they're doing the same things. "They wouldn't shake their hands and question how much of this I deserve," she sings on the second verse. As a sign that takes pride in being recognized for their work, it's clear to see how this song captures the goat's priorities.


Plus, something as silly as a glass ceiling won't stop a Capricorn on a mission. In fact, this zodiac sometimes gets an inaccurate reputation for being too cold and focused in pursuit of power, but as Swift sings on the "Lover" single, "What I was wearing, if I was rude/Could all be separated from my good ideas and power moves." Capricorns also excellent forwards planners, and Swift makes it very clear in this song that her goal is to do all she can to change the way hardworking women, or women who date a lot, are perceived. The track also links to the Capricorn's honest nature and their unwavering loyalty.