Passing Gas During Sex Is Normal — But Here's How You Can Prevent It

Although they may not show it in the media, there's a lot of stuff that accompanies the "oohs" and "ahhs" of sex. For starters, the sound of bodies slapping together can be really arousing for some, while others find it distracting. There's also bodily fluid ending up in places you didn't intend (you don't know pain until you accidentally get semen in your eye), smells that you can't really explain, and, of course, farting.


If you've never farted during sex, then lucky you. If you have, then you already know how awkward it can be, even though farting during intercourse it's completely natural and super common. "It's normal for people to pass gas 10 to 20 times per day, and your colon isn't really concerned with what else may be going on. It can happen at inopportune times," Elizabeth Blaney, MD told Health. "The upper part of the vagina is near the lower part of the rectum, so during sex, any thrusting and banging against this lower part of the rectum can lead to gas being expelled." In other words, while farting is more common during anal sex and butt play, it can still happen during vaginal penetration due to the placement of all those organs.


While you can't rearrange your insides to avoid farting during sex, you can take steps to limit how often it happens. Even if you tend to be more gassy than most, there's still hope for you.

Be cognizant of what you eat

As you've probably already noticed, certain foods are gassier than others. Beans, fiber, dairy, turkey, green veggies, and bubbly drinks are just a few gas-inducing culprits on the market that you should stay away from if you know you'll be having sex later. If there's a food that may not be universally gassy, but you know it traditionally does a number on your body, then avoid that food. You should also stay away from any foods that you may not have had before, because you don't know how they might affect your body — what we're saying is, gas might be the least of your problems during sex.


Although it's easy to say that you should steer clear of these foods if you know you'll be having penetrative sex later in the day, sometimes the opportunity to have intercourse can come out of nowhere. If it does, what's a person to do if they've eaten their weight in bean burritos and chased them down with a few Diet Cokes? Well, the only thing you can do at that point: prepare your body.

How to prepare your body before sex

If you're a naturally gassy person or tend to eat gaseous food, try to keep gas medication on hand. Not just for your comfort, but in case you finally have a sexy romp with that cute barista. Another way to prepare your body is by getting the gas out beforehand. You can do this by going to a bathroom and letting it rip by massaging your stomach or doing stretches like squats and abdominal twists. "[Squatting] helps with expulsion," gastroenterologist Randy Meisner, M.D. told Prevention. "It's relaxing your colon to its more natural positioning."


If you've taken the precautions but still fear you may let it rip, then you need to choose your sex positions wisely. Anal is, of course, off the menu, as are positions that involve a lot of movement on your part. For example, you may have finally embraced being on top of your partner, but if you don't want to accidentally toot, then it may be best for them to take the reins. 

Passing gas during sex is very normal. Yes, it can be embarrassing, but if you're able to laugh it off instead of making it a big deal, then that's the best way to handle it. People have been farting during sex since the dawn of humankind, so you're not the first and you certainly won't be the last.