The Midi-Bob Is The Most Timeless, Not-Too-Short Hair Trend Of 2024

In the world of hairstyles, trendy haircuts come and go. Some only last a season, while others get a full year or two. But anyone who dares to rock these trends past their expiration runs the risk of looking dated. Case in point: 1985 called and they want your mullet back. As fun as trends are, sometimes sticking to a classic that never goes out of style, no matter what the world throws at us, can be just as chic. Enter: the timeless midi-bob — the shortcut that's not too short.


"It may sound like a weird analogy, but the best way to think of a midi bob is if the hairdresser had cut a bob that was too short for your liking a couple of months ago and it's now grown out to a length you really like," hairstylist Seán Paul Nother told Stylist. "The midi bob has a chunky heaviness on the ends that shows off the neck but is long enough to tie up ... Because of the slightly longer length, it sits beautifully on both blow-dried and air-dried hair."

While the midi-bob gets its name due to its specific length, it doesn't mean you have to wear it only one way. What's great is that anyone, no matter their hair type, can rock a midi-bob.

Midi-bob in cherry cola

One of summer 2023's stunning hair trends was cherry cola color and already three months into 2024, this hue is still going strong — as proven by Dua Lipa and others. Because this sweet shade is still very much in style along with the midi-bob, to truly be as on-trend as humanly possible, opt for a cherry cola midi-bob the next time you head to the salon. With cherry cola, there are different shades and intensities to choose from, so you can really make your haircut and color a true, specific reflection of your personality.


Midi-bob with bangs

What do you get when you take a timeless cut like a midi-bob and add in bangs? Near-perfection, that's what. "Bangs are such a classic," hairstylist Oscar Blandi told Harper's Bazaar. "There's so many ways that you can wear them, and change your look entirely from one tiny tweak." Granted, bangs require a bit of upkeep, but considering how fabulous they look, it's a small price to pay. "Keep track of how long after you got them cut that you truly loved the length, so that you can time a trim just right," said Blandi. Bangs are also an easy way to cover pesky fine lines, if that's something that's been keeping you up at night and you're not interested in injectables. 


Angled midi-bob

With an angled midi bob that's blown out to be ultra-straight and sleek, you can really see the artistry of this classic style. "The midi bob has to be cut quite blunt and heavy on the ends," hairstylist Luke Hersheson told Glamour. "I tend to ensure the sides are very subtly longer than the back of the cut to give it weight and heaviness at the front. What you don't want is for the hair to flick out excessively over the shoulders." This particular way of wearing a midi-bob also screams "C-suite professional in the making."


Old Hollywood glamour midi-bob

Although there's no wrong way to wear a midi-bob, one of the most stunning options is to rock it old Hollywood glamour style. It's bouncy, wavy, and a look that's currently really popular among celebrities. For example, Zendaya and Selena Gomez have had this cut for a couple of months now, and at the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Sydney Sweeney debuted her personalized version of the midi-bob. Considering how different these three women are, they're all the proof you need that this cut styled in this way can work for anyone.


Curly midi-bob

As curly-haired people know, not every cut works for us. In fact, the curlier the hair and the shorter we go, the more likely we're going to end up looking like a Q-tip, as opposed to something glamorous and sophisticated. It's just one of the many common curly hair problems. But, luckily, the midi-bob is very curl-friendly.


"I love a curly hair bob as it gives you that width and volume, creating a really cool shape," creative artist Patrick Wilson told Stylist. "If a bob is a new length you've never really braved before, sit down and have a consultation with your stylist. There's not just a one-length bob; you need to feel comfortable with the desired length ... talk to your hairstylist about what will work best."

Feeling inspired? Sure you are! So give your favorite hairstylist a call and make 2024 the year you go for the midi-bob.