You're Probably Wrapping Your Heatless Curls Wrong — Here's The Best Technique

Heatless curls are an ingenious way to achieve style and volume without damaging your hair, unlike the scorching effect of hot hair tools. There are many creative ways to achieve this kind of curl, from heatless curl kits that involve a patented headband rod, to DIY hacks like using a bathrobe belt and securing it to the crown of the head with a hair clip. There are so many ways to get creative and play around with heatless techniques, and the trend is even more appealing because you can still maintain hair health.


Whether you already love heatless curls, or you're dealing with telltale signs of hair damage and want to make some changes to your styling routine, these hacks are the way to go. The no-heat styling trend is ideal for hair health because heat is a known cause of split ends and frayed hair cuticles. But since it can be tricky to correctly wrap hair, we've discovered a useful tip through the clever world of TikTok that makes securing hair around heatless rods even more effective. News flash: Many of us have been doing it wrong this whole time.

Wrap your hair in the middle of your head rather than close to your face

One problem that can emerge with heatless curls is when we wrap hair from the front of the face and secure the strands that way. This can lead to really nice curls around the face, but it doesn't give a lot of life and volume at the back of the head. To mitigate this problem, Amanda Carter, who's all about heatless hair and hair growth on TikTok, shared a video offering a solution. To bring more curls to the back of the head, Carter suggested pulling whole sections to the middle of your head. The heatless rod (or robe belt if you're doing a DIY styling), should sit across the middle of the head, rather than close to the front of the head. That'll give a more even distribution of curls to the whole head.


Fans and followers vouched for this technique. When one person commented that the hack didn't look all that different from the former way of wrapping close to the face, someone replied, "no, I tried it and you don't understand how much of a difference it made." Another person also jumped in to say that while the adjustment is slight, the outcome is significantly better. "you can't tell now but after you take the curls out there's a big difference," they began, "the first ones are more flat and have less volume imo." Sounds like it's pretty effective!

Hold the heatless curler tight to your head

Another point that Amanda Carter made in her TikTok video about improving the method of heatless curls was that people don't wrap hair closely enough to their heads. Carter stressed that you need to keep the rod tight against the head and not pull it away from your scalp while you're wrapping. One follower prompted Carter to talk about this by addressing an issue she had encountered. "I use this method on my daughters' hair, but can't seem to figure out how to get the top front to look good. It ends up flat and wonky," someone wrote. "Maybe wrap a little tighter?" Carter suggested as a solution. Wrapping the hair tightly around the rod helps secure it when you tie up the ends and secure the curler. Carter also noted that it's important to keep hair pulled to the side as you're wrapping, instead of unconsciously pulling it down. This will ensure fuller volume and lifted curls.


In another video for beginners, Carter suggested that people purchase sherpa or velvet hair wraps because the texture of the fabric allows for better grip. Because these fabrics have such a grippy feel, a beginner will be able to wrap hair tightly even if they don't have the perfect technique yet.