Here's What Went Down With The Chub Rub Patch After Shark Tank

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Entrepreneur Brittany Lammon had enough of thigh chafing and decided to do something about it by creating The Chub Rub Patch. The ingenious product adheres to skin to prevent friction and irritation caused by legs rubbing together. Fully aware that thigh chafing is a source of discomfort for so many, especially in the summertime, Lammon knew well that she had a worthy product. And so, in 2023, she brought The Chub Rub Patch to "Shark Tank" season 14 to see if she could snag an investor.


Lammon had a really interesting career prior to her entrepreneurial work on thigh chafing. She comes from Ohio, where she completed cosmetology school and began working for companies like CNN and MSNBC. Thanks to her makeup artistry, her work was featured in magazines, music videos, and movies. Eventually, she landed a gig as a makeup artist and hair stylist for World Wrestling Entertainment. To this day, her Instagram page features content about her hair and makeup work in the world of WWE, meaning, she's still very much involved in the community. But she's clearly a jack of all trades, since she's also a budding and successful entrepreneur. Her Chub Rub Patch has really taken off, even if she didn't nab a shark!


What happened to The Chub Rub Patch on Shark Tank?

During her pitch, Lammon explained that her career as a makeup artist and hairstylist for WWE inspired the creation of The Chub Rub Patches, since a lot of the women she worked with were athletes who had larger thighs. She added that her patches cost just $2.12 to make but sold for $8.99, allowing her to rack up $115,000 in sales. She then told the sharks that she was seeking $200,000 in exchange for 30% of her company to help pay for marketing. 


However, while the sharks loved the name and the concept — Robert Herjavec shared that he appreciated the idea as he had experience with thigh chafing – it wasn't enough to land Lammon a deal. Kevin O'Leary pulled out first, followed by Mark Cuban, who expressed concern that Lammon's returning customer count was low. Herjavec and Lori Greiner also pulled out. Guest shark Emma Grede, co-founder of Khloe Kardashian's Good American and a founding partner of Kim Kardashian's Skims also declined, noting that she didn't see The Chub Run Patches as an investable opportunity. This meant Lammon left the tank without a deal.

The Chub Rub Patch after 'Shark Tank'

Although Brittany Lammon didn't have any luck on "Shark Tank," she did keep The Chub Rub Patch afloat. On February 19, 2023, she shared a post on Instagram thanking all of her fans for their support, even though things didn't work out in the tank. "As many of you know, I pitched my product on Friday night on ABC's Shark Tank," Lammon captioned the post. "Even though the sharks didn't invest in The Chub Rub Patch, it was such a great opportunity and learning experience to get the patches in front of five brilliant sharks." She added that she had received so much feedback from people all over the world, thanks to the exposure the ABC series gave her.


That same year, Lammon appeared on the podcast "The Shark Tank Effect Show" and raved about her time on the show. She shared that a "Shark Tank" producer reached out to her first because she had over 22 million views on TikTok; initially, she thought it was a scam! She also said that despite not landing an investor, she felt so glad she got the opportunity to meet the sharks. The appearance got her tons of exposure instead, and that certainly counts for something. 

The Chub Rub Patch is still in business

It's pretty common that after "Shark Tank" exposure, an entrepreneur expands their line with new products; however, for The Chub Rub Patch, clearly the patches are still the main event. At the time of writing, the company still has a website and a shop on Amazon. Both shopping options offer kits that contain three pairs of patches for $14.99. The patches are available in five different colors: Cocoa, Tan, Ivory, Espresso, and Chestnut.


Reviews for Chub Rub Patches on Amazon are mixed. Some customers rave about the products, while others have complained that the patches are painful to remove. "These were perfect. Everything I could have ever asked for," one reviewer began, later adding, "They hurt to come off. Like reeeealllllllyyyyy hurt." Another wrote, "Once on correctly, it stays on and does its job, but once you have to take it off it's more painful than the actual chub run chafing would have been!"  However, Lammon has addressed these concerns on TikTok, so hopefully people can find successful ways to mitigate the pain. 

What's next for The Chub Rub Patch's founder?

Brittany Lammon is no quitter. The Chub Rub Patch continues to maintain a strong presence on social media, with over 8,000 followers on Instagram with frequent posts and lots of cyber code deals to incentivize customers. On TikTok, Lammon is even more successful, with over 80,000 followers and 1.8 million likes. That's some impressive web presence! On LinkedIn, Lammon is still listed as the creator of TheChubRubPatchLLC since its inception in July 2021. Lammon also mentions her "Shark Tank" appearance a lot on social media, even though she didn't land a deal on the show. This makes perfect sense, since the show provides such incredible exposure for new businesses, and Lammon has a lot of fun with combining her "Shark Tank" history with her marketing. 


On her personal Instagram page, Lammon still actively posts WWE models sporting her hair and makeup looks, so it's clear that she's still very immersed in that world, and that's it's a meaningful part of her career. So Lammon hasn't quit her full time job in order to solely pursue The Chub Rub Patch. But from the looks of things, doing hair and makeup for WWE must be so fun that she doesn't want to leave that world behind. Looks like our girl got to have her entrepreneurial cake and eat it too!