Taylor Swift's Most Stunning Makeup-Free Looks

Taylor Swift is famous for a few things. Her incredible talent, her super kind heart, and her signature red lip are just three of them. And when it comes to the latter, she really does have that red lip, classic thing that we like. Swift rocks glamorous red lipstick so often, we're not even sure we'd recognize her without it now.

But even though the bold look has become synonymous with her style, Swift is clearly still comfortable without makeup on. And rightly so! Back in 2008, she actually posed for a totally makeup-free photo shoot for People, looking absolutely stunning with her "Fearless" era ringlets cascading down and her skin glowing. Speaking to the magazine at the time, she admitted, "I have blonde eyelashes and blonde eyebrows, so my typical insecurity is that my eyes go away when I don't have makeup on. But it's important to be comfortable with who you are and go natural once in a while."

And it may surprise you to learn that she's gone natural in public view probably a few more times than you might think. One thing that probably won't surprise you though it that she's looked gorgeous every single time.

She looked absolutely stunning celebrating National Cat Day

Let's be honest. If there was ever a day we can expect to find Taylor Swift at her most comfortable, it's National Cat Day. The singer proved that all-too-well (pun intended) when she shared an adorable video on Instagram featuring her feline friends on October 29, 2021, depicting herself going makeup free as she cuddled her beloved pet in bed. The star looks cozy and adorable with her bangs ever-so-slightly disheveled. 

She also cuddled up to her cat Meredith while bare faced

Noticing a bit of a theme when it comes to Taylor Swift's makeup-free social media posts? Clearly, she feels pretty comfortable around her feline friends. And that's totally adorable. As evidenced by one snap shared to Instagram in December 2018, the superstar got cozy with her super cute feline Meredith as she celebrated Christmas Day. In the photo, her profile glows without anything on her skin. 

Family times can be natural times, too

In a stunning family photo featured in the lyric video for "The Best Day (Taylor's Version)" Taylor Swift stuns again with a bare face. The pop superstar looked absolutely gorgeous posing with her mom, Andrea Swift, her brother, Austin Swift, and her dad, Scott Swift, in front of a Christmas tree. She proved she doesn't need makeup to be stylish too, rocking a chic black fedora and cozy gray coat.

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift once went makeup-free together

Another pal Taylor Swift clearly feels comfortable ditching the makeup in front of? Selena Gomez. In 2019, Gomez posted a super sweet photo to Instagram Stories of herself and her bestie (plus one of Swift's cats named Benjamin Button) with a gushing message about their friendship. Both appeared to be sans makeup and looked flawless as they posed at home in lounge clothes.

Taylor Swift still looks oh so stunning even in loungewear

Proving even in her loungewear she can look absolutely gorgeous, Taylor Swift was filmed without her signature red lip and eyeliner makeup in a scene from her 2020 documentary film "Miss Americana." The clip shows the singer sitting alongside her mom Andrea Swift and her publicist Tree Paine in a baggy red top and patterned leggings with her hair pulled back. Talk about a natural beauty.

We've also seen Taylor Swift go totally natural in her PJs

Also in the documentary "Miss Americana," we got a glimpse of Swift sitting in her PJs with an au naturel face. The star once again proved she's totally a natural beauty as she sat on the couch with her hair pulled back while making a call on her cell phone. She looks totally relaxed and comfortable in her skin in the clip, which is refreshing for those who are used to always seeing the star done up. Her hair, meanwhile, appears softer and healthier than ever.

She's also been filmed before getting her makeup done

In another scene from the trailer of "Miss Americana," Taylor Swift proved just how candid and open with her fans she is. She was filmed in the makeup chair, seemingly wearing faux lashes but no other makeup and her hair pinned up. And, just as we suspected, her bare skin? Totally flawless!

Her natural beauty came to play while rehearsing for the Reputation tour

Back in April 2018, Taylor Swift was hard at work readying herself for her record-breaking "Reputation" tour, and she appeared to be fresh-faced while doing it. In one rehearsal snapshot shared to her Instagram account, the "Lavender Haze" hitmaker sports casual ponytail, gym clothes, and bare face as she rehearses through her setlist. Even without her signature red lip, Swift still wows us, with her powerful stance and game face ready to put on a show. 

Taylor Swift ditched the cosmetics while getting excited for Cats

In January 2019, Taylor Swift went without makeup as she gave fans a hint at what was then her next big gig; playing "Bombalurina" in the movie "Cats." Of course, despite a stellar cast, the movie wasn't exactly a big hit, but it did bless us with this gorgeous makeup-free photo of Miss Americana herself which she posted to Instagram. Posing in a sherpa lined denim jacket, her blue eyes shine without an ounce of eyeshadow on them.

There's even a hilarious video of Taylor Swift munching on a banana au naturel

She may be one of the biggest stars in the world, but Taylor Swift is also just as silly as the rest of us. In 2019, during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Swift's mom Andrea Swift shared a hilarious video showing her daughter sans makeup, but with laser eye surgery goggles, as she munched on a banana following her operation. Somehow, even when in recovery, the singer still looks pretty. 

She even went without cosmetics for one of her most famous music videos

After being seen in full costume makeup and drag that transformed her into a man, Swift can be seen totally bare faced in a photo that appears in the end credits for "The Man" music video. In the photograph, her skin's striking features, including her blue eyes and pink lips look incredibly delicate and feminine, especially after having been covered in layers of prosthetics. Never say Swift isn't ready to go all out for her art.

Karlie Kloss once snapped a no makeup selfie with Taylor Swift

Back in 2017, former Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss shared a selfie to X featuring herself and Taylor Swift showing off their gorgeous faces without a stitch of makeup on them. In the snapshot, which was likely taken during their famous 2015 Big Sur road trip, the duo can be seen in a car against a seaside backdrop, with their blue eyes, natural blond hair, and skin looking absolutely stunning. 

Taylor Swift says sayonara to makeup while having fun with her friends

It's not just Swift's cats who see how gorgeous the star looks without makeup. Her closest friends do, too. And that includes her long time pal and musical collaborator Jack Antonoff. In one stunning barefoot and bare faced photo shared to Swift's Instagram in November 2022, the Grammy-award winner looked absolutely gorgeous at home with a drink in her hand while recording a new version of "Anti Hero."

Not even a donut can hide her natural beauty

Taylor Swift's marketing team Taylor Nation shared a stunning photo of the star donning a basic white tee shirt and ponytail ensemble on Instagram in 2022. Though it's unclear whether the photo was a throwback or of the time, what is clear is that Swift's skin looks absolutely flawless in it. In the snapshot, she is seen wearing no makeup while playing around with a green-frosted donut. And even without the cosmetics and a donut over one eye, she still looks absolutely  stunning.

Taylor Swift was an au naturel elf one Christmas Eve

Proving she can even look adorable even when dressed as an elf, Taylor Swift shared a bare-faced photo to Instagram on Christmas Eve in 2015. With her side bangs pulled to the side under a red-and-green cap, the superstar looks adorable and festive without any glittery eye makeup.

Though the snap has since been taken down, there's no doubting it's one of her most beautiful shots yet as it reveals her undeniable natural beauty and fun side at the same time.