Here's What Went Down With Ooakshell Headbands After Shark Tank

Entrepreneur Mika Bertholdo, who hails from Dallas, Texas, came up with Ooakshell Headbands after she had her second child in 2018. While dealing with the struggles of postpartum hair loss, Bertholdo sought out hair bands and wraps to cover her hair. She wanted something that wouldn't pinch her head or give her headaches after long-term wear, and needed it to feel comfortable. When she couldn't find what she was looking for in stores, she decided to create her own solution. Using a special ring, Bertholdo created an adjustable headband that would feel comfortable for any head size. 

Knowing that she probably wasn't the only person who could appreciate this product, Bertholdo started making and selling headbands on her own on Etsy. After seeing some success, she decided it was time to expand Ooakshell headbands. And so, she appeared on "Shark Tank," asking for $150,000 in exchange for 10% of her company. While the company is not the first accessory brand to go in the tank, it is one of few that has gone on to thrive thanks to landing a shark. And it has definitely benefit from the exposure.

What happened to Ooakshell Headbands on Shark Tank?

What makes Ooakshell Headbands unique is that the brand was focused on headbands, and this specificity made the brand a success on "Shark Tank." During her pitch, Bertholdo shared with the sharks that her headbands sell for $35, despite costing her just $1.64 to make. Part of the reason why she is able to create such a markup is because every head band is one-of-a-kind. Bertholdo told the sharks that she was solely responsible for all of Ooakshell Headbands' production, marketing, and distribution. She bought and dyed the fabric, sewed the headbands, and packaged them all herself. She also singlehandedly managed all of the brand social media accounts herself. Naturally, all of the sharks tried on the headbands, and loved them.

Bertholdo had the numbers to back up her game, too. In 2019, her first full year of sales, Bertholdo made $12,000. By 2020, she said she had made $245,000 in sales.  The entrepreneur also shared with the sharks that her return customer rate was 81%, so people kept coming back. These figures, combined with her good idea won over guest shark Emma Grede, who is a co-founder of Khloe Kardashian's Good American as well as Kim Kardashian's SKIMS. Grede made Bertholdo an offer of $150,000 in exchange for 20% of her business. Bertholdo did counter, hoping to only give up 13% of her business, but Grede stood firm and the two ended up making a deal per Grede's initial offer. 

Ooakshell Headbands Blew Up After Shark Tank

Things blew up for Ooakshell Headbands after Mika Bertholdo's "Shark Tank" pitch. According to the Shark Tank Blog, Bertholdo's inventory completely sold out shortly after her episode aired. The outlet also noted that the deal with Emma Grede did indeed go through, making it one of few true "Shark Tank" success stories. And it seems Bertholdo and Grede have remained on good in terms. In September 2022, Bertholdo publicly wished her investor a happy birthday on Instagram. "[The] best human, heart, and boss queen! you deserve the best day ever" she wrote in the caption. 

Ooakshell Headbands gave an update on its progress during season 14, episode 7 of "Shark Tank," where Bertholdo told viewers that thanks to the success of the business, she and her family were able to move into their own home. She also noted that Grede was a hands-on investor, highlighting how she brought her to the Good American headquarters, where she got a comprehensive education in marketing and merchandising apparel. Bertholdo also reported that she was able to outsource some of her work so that she could spend more time with her children. At the time of writing, Bertholdo has a warehouse as well as an assistant to assist with inventory production. As of her 2021 "Shark Tank" appearance, Bertholdo had reportedly sold $386,000 year. 

Ooakshell Headbands is still in business and thriving

Despite being able to expand with manufacturing help and hiring an assistant, Mika Bertholdo is still totally hands-on with Ooakshell Headbands. In an Instagram video, Bertholdo gave followers an update on the business since "Shark Tank" and explained that she is still responsible for dying all her products. She explained that the first four letters of Ooakshell stood for "one of a kind" and that she's still committed to providing that to customers.

Since appearing on "Shark Tank," Ooakshell's product range has continued to grow, with the company now selling lightweight blankets as well as scrunchies. Bertholdo has also expanded the company's range of goods to include sweatsuits, all of which she hand dyes. Her line also offers apparel for children, including youth hoodies and tie-dyed socks. She's even added a line of Italian silk scarves. And of course, everything is hand dyed and one-of-a-kind. Bertholdo also offers sales, so shoppers can take advantage of the price drop to grab special products.

What's next for Ooakshell Headbands and its founder?

Mika Bertholdo isn't slowing down anytime soon. Since appearing on "Shark Tank," Ooakshell Headbands has gone on to offer a wide range of apparel for the whole family, so the brand has clearly come a long way from its roots. It's possible that part of what makes Bertholdo so successful is that she's interactive with her followers on social media; she regularly posts reels on Instagram offering people a glimpse of what her life is like as the CEO of Ooakshell Headbands. She also shares behind the scenes shots depicting what it looks like to complete orders. Bertholdo also has a YouTube channel where she posts video tutorials explaining how to wrap the brand's headbands. This intimacy is engaging for customers, especially those who have been rooting for her since her "Shark Tank" days.

It seems that Bertholdo is all in on Ooakshell Headband. Her LinkedIn page shows that her only job is with her brand, so it's safe to say she's likely putting all of her energy into the business.