Oversized Winged Eyeliner Is All Over The Runways For 2024 - Get The Look

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Despite being labeled as 'dated' by Gen-Z, winged eyeliner is officially back for 2024. Only this time, we're going beyond the teensy little corners. Now, liner is all about the big and the bold: Think the late Amy Winehouse, Natalie Portman in "Black Swan" and every emo music video ever. Dramatic liner looks were spotted all over fashion week runways, leading the charge for the return of the statement eye. In Versace's F/W 2023 looks, models showcased striking sweeps of jet-black liner, thanks to the genius of makeup artist Pat McGrath. "The makeup celebrates full glamour featuring a gloriously graphic look with unprecedented details. The skin is ultra radiant and illuminated to perfection while the eyes present the main star of the look," McGrath said in a press release regarding Versace's show, per The Zoe Report. "Using black gel and liquid eyeliners, the eyes are exquisitely elongated into a winged shape." 

Now, the dramatic wing is taking to the streets, and we're all about it. And while onyx-toned liners are ideal for creating a bold look a la "Black Swan," we're also seeing the wing take on colorful form, too. While it's not necessarily an everyday kind of makeup look, for days when we're feeling emboldened and inspired, oversized wing eyeliner is the most exciting way to get creative.

Go heavy under the eyes and swoop liner up into a wing

For a statement look, line under your eyes with a dark coal liner. Following the lower lash line, extend the liner upwards into a daring wing. If you need a little extra support to nail the elongated wing, use eyeshadow tape. Adhere a small piece to the edge of the eyes, and use as a guide when drawing the wing. Once you have a straight wing, fill in the existing shape for added drama. 

Green liner is the new neutral

The oversized wing liner trend leaves so much room for color trends. TikTok's content creator Bex offers a useful tutorial on how to nail a rich, emerald green liner as a go-to choice. Achieve this look with Sephora's Intense Felt-Tip Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner in Satin Forest Green for $12. While the color isn't short on impact, it's rich enough to register as an everyday eyeliner color. 

Get high impact with block orange eyeliner

There's nothing subtle about a vivid, block eyeliner in glittery orange. The intense shape takes over the entire lower half of the eyelid and swoops upwards in a dramatic wing. Since the look speaks for itself, finish it off with black mascara. To achieve this intense orange tone, reach for a high-impact liquid liner like Make Up For Ever's Aqua Resist Color Ink 24HR Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Copper Lava from Sephora for $26. The metallic glitter pigment helps to create the avant-garde sweep. 

A dramatic wing is all you need

When working with an oversized eyeliner wing, keep the rest of your makeup look simple. TikTok creator Jimeika offered a helpful tutorial on applying a dramatic wing, noting that people with hooded eyes might be intimidated, but can look amazing with the statement wing. Starting at the very outer corner of the eye, draw a line up towards the end of the brow. Return to the lash line with a liquid liner and connect that to the far outer line, creating a wing. 

Use a white liquid liner to create three dramatic wings

If you're ready to take the oversized wing to the next level, try tripling up on your wings. A combination of three wings gives you the chance to play with stunning liner shapes. The most straightforward way to try this is by drawinga dramatic, angular wing from the lash line, a wing swooping out from the middle of the lid, and a finally, a floating wing that stretches from the inner corner to just below the brow bone. Using a heavily pigmented white liquid eyeliner creates an ethereal makeup effect. To achieve these sharp angles, use Make Up For Ever's Aqua Resist Color Ink 24HR Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Matte Snow from Sephora for $26, or NYX Professional Makeup's Vivid Matte Longwear Liquid Eyeliner in white from Ulta Beauty for $9. 

Add jewels to embellish your dramatic wing

The oversized wing eyeliner trend invites all kinds of playful innovations along with it, including gems and other makeup accessories. A double winged look, with the top emerging from the lash line and bottom  emerging from the middle of the eye lid, creates the perfect space for adding adhesive diamonds or pearls. Placing one jewel just above your inner corner and two others between your wings lifts the eye upward, creating a mystical and stunning finish.