Pastel Nail Tips Are About To Be The Go-To French Manicure For 2024

We've seen the classic French manicure come and go as a hugely popular manicure choice over the years. Sometimes it's in, sometimes it's out, and sometimes the French manicure is in but with a twist. And it's the latter we're expected from this beloved nail style in 2024. According to nail influencer Sarah Haidar, the 2024 take on the classic will be all about adding some color to the tips of your nails. But not just any kind of color. Pastels!

Yep, Haider told Refinery29 that pastel polishes applied in a French manicure style will be the most modern twist on the classic nail look. Probably thanks to pastels being a big color trend for 2024. "It's my favorite design," Haider told the outlet. "You can go subtle with a white or beige tip, or you can have fun with multicolored French tips," she added. You may already remember this look from when it started to gain traction in 2023, as Glamour UK reported that Pinterest searches for the soft style rose 455% around March time.

But now pastel French manis are back for the new year — and there are oh so many ways to have fun with this trend. We've rounded up some of our very favorite takes on the style, including a few designs you may not even have thought about.

Keep it clean with one color

Early 2024's popular manicure shades include light blues, and a French manicure with a light robin's egg color is one of the best ways to tap into the color trend. The light shade works wonderfully on the tip; it's bright enough for spring without being as overwhelming or dramatic as an all-over blue nail. As the year moves along into the summer months, you could swap the color for a pastel yellow or orange to mirror the seasons.

Or add some metallic to your pastel French tips

Who said a pastel manicure can't incorporate a little shimmer and shine? A fun way to bring a little extra something to a colorful French mani is to add a thin line of metallic wiring or polish under the tip to separate it from the main nail. Not only is this a fun twist, but it also brings a little extra glam to the look if you like to make a statement with your talons.

Change up your tip shape

Another way to put your own twist on the pastel tip manicure trend is to change up what your tips actually look like. Instead of opting for a classic crescent moon shape that goes along the entire edge of the nail, use your polish to create unique angles on either side of the nail for a quirky, geometric twist.

And who said you can't add a little nail art to your pastel Frenchie?

A French manicure doesn't mean you can't also incorporate a little nail art into your manicure. White sparkle shapes pack a more subtle punch over a delicate, lavender tip — just perfect for early spring. Meanwhile white polka dots offer a cute twist on the classic.

Or why not make a pastel rainbow?

Featuring a different pastel shade on each finger is one way to really show your love of color, but if you really want to go all out, why not include multiple pastel shades on every finger? This super cute and artsy take on the trend is understated, but stunning, with a gradient-like finish on the tips. Clearly, it's time to pick pastel!