The Power Bob Is Here To Bring Boss Vibes To The Short Hair Trend

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The power bob is a hair choice that's all about sleek confidence. The blunt cut, usually shoulder-length or higher, is exceptionally polished and glassy in its high-shine finish. "To me, a power bob is a one length bob embracing the weight and having minimal texture," celebrity hair stylist and SexyHair's Lead Artist, Graham Nation, told Bustle. The power bob is sharp, with precise styling. It's typically structured around a middle part or equally sleek bangs with a focus on symmetry. 

The power bob stands in stark contrast to other bob trends that are happening at the moment. The power bob differs from the beloved French bob in that the latter is famously unfussy. Short, wavy curls rule the day with the French bob. The power bob also stands apart from the popular bubble bob, which frames the face in round, voluminous layers. What makes the power bob so powerful is that it doesn't lean on the whimsy or romance of layers and tousled curls. It's all about business, and less about volume. Think of the many celebrities who have rocked this look. Kim Kardashian has sported the power bob frequently, as has Megan Thee Stallion. Anna Wintour shows it's the haircut of leadership. All of these women are forces to be reckoned with. Layers and curls by no means indicate an abdication of influence, but the power bob's no-nonsense structure adds an element of dominance to any look.

Styling cream will set your power bob

Megan Thee Stallion shows that hair can speak to strength. The rapper's sleek cut, complete with a precise middle part, is gorgeous and eye-catching even when worn stick-straight. Best of all, it looks good on everyone. "The 'Power Bob' gives the wearer power!" Nick Willis, master stylist from Charles Worthington, told Metro UK. "It's a chic, classic, one-length, blunt cut, which has exquisite movement when styled smooth," Willis went on. "This bob is a true classic, stemming from the early 1920's, and one hundred years later, it still looks absolutely divine!" It certainly does, and the "Savage" hitmaker proves it has a place on the red carpet too. 

You'll do well by using a little styling cream to start, particularly because you're dealing with short hair. Living Proof's No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream for $18 from Ulta Beauty will get the job done. 

You'll need shine-enhancing products for the power bob

The whole appeal of the power bob is its super shiny finish. The look that we're after is sleek and silky. "Ask your hairdresser for a blunt bob, cut all one length," hairstylist George Northwood told Vogue. "Let them know that you're after a sleek finish, they can then blow dry it out into a super smooth finish. For added polish, ask your stylist to use some shine-enhancing styling products, this will make the style look powerful." The hashtag #GlassHair is a common one on social media and it applies nicely to the power bob's finish. Products like JVN Complete Nourishing Hair Oil Shine Drops for $24 from Sephora are a perfect choice. 

Know your hair texture before you go for a power bob

Anyone who's tried any kind of new style knows that hair can have mind of its own. For those with curly or wavy textures, it can be challenging to achieve the svelte power bob without ending up with dreaded triangle poof. That's why it's important to discuss your style goals with your stylist before you chop off your length.

Patrick Wilson, creative artist for GHD hair, told Stylist that it's essential to adapt a bob to your particular hair type. "If your hair is super thick, it's probably best that you go just below the jawline and ask your stylist to remove some of the weight from the haircut," Wilson said. "An undercut can also work, as this will allow the baseline to sit into the neck, helping you avoid any triangular shapes. If your hair is normal-to-fine in density, you can probably afford to go a bit shorter with it. Keep it blunt and strong; it will give you the appearance of thicker hair." The texture of your hair will significantly impact the length of your power bob. 

A flat iron will be a useful tool with a power bob

Be aware that power bobs require more styling and dedication than other short hair cuts, which means your routine may require some  extra steps. In order to sculpt the sharp angle of the bob and get that sleek finish, a flat iron is an essential. With long hair, you can get away with less styling, but this isn't the case with shorter cuts. Celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran told Who What Wear that people should brace themselves for a little more work with a power bob. "If you have a bit more time, you can prep the hair with Milbon's Humidity Blocking Oil and flat-iron the hair straight for a sleek look," Co Tran explained. Still, it's well worth the effort. 

Take care of your power bob with heat protectants

Since the power bob demands more attention and heated tools, your hair is going to need some extra TLC to keep it healthy. Make sure, above all, that you're using a heat protecting spray. Eva NYC has a great option in their Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer for $13 from Ulta Beauty. Redken's High Hold Thermal Heat Protection Hairspray for $26 is another effective choice. Caring for your hair while cleansing is also wise, as hairstylist George Northwood stressed to Vogue. "I'd also recommend introducing a quality shampoo and conditioner into your day-to-day haircare regime, which can make such a huge difference to the overall health and look of your hair," Northwood explained. So give your hair the love and it'll love you right back with a ferocious power bob.