Here's What Went Down With DDP Yoga After Shark Tank

Former WWE World Champion Dallas Page, who goes by his wrestling name, Diamond Dallas Page, is a former professional wrestler who managed to take a back injury and leverage it into a multi-million dollar brand. Then he took his brand, DDP Yoga, onto "Shark Tank" to get the sharks involved in expanding it. Page became a professional wrestler at 35; at 42, Page sustained a back injury that put his wrestling career on pause. In a desperate attempt to get his career back on track, Page tried yoga. Amazingly, after three months, he was able to get back to wrestling. At 43, he became the Heavyweight Champion of the world three times. From this remarkable experience, Page created DDP Yoga, which combines the essential poses of yoga with sports rehabilitation techniques and dynamic resistance. The results-oriented workout program is designed to increase flexibility and strengthen the core muscles while reducing joint impact. Page pitched his workout program on "Shark Tank" when he was 57 years old, and while he spoke about his business, he performed several yoga postures to showcase the results of flexibility and agility in himself.

We've seen our fair share of wellness businesses come onto "Shark Tank." Liberate, created by Olivia Bowser, offered a wellness app to help clients reduce stress and get into mindfulness. But DDP Yoga was in a league of its own, thanks to its comprehensive yoga and fitness program. Unfortunately, the sharks didn't bite, but the brand has continued to thrive nonetheless.

What happened to DDP Yoga on Shark Tank?

Diamond Dallas Page showed up on "Shark Tank" asking for $200,000 in exchange for 5% of DDP Yoga. To showcase its power, Page told the sharks the story of a disabled veteran who couldn't walk without knee braces or wrap-around canes. After Page worked with him, the veteran was able to walk without support, and Page brought him out to meet them.

Page and his business partner told the sharks that in their first year, they sold $2.6 million in products, which include at-home DVD kits with books. As of their airing, they sold $3 million and netted over $800,000. They were hoping to use the shark's investment to build an app for phones. Kevin O'Leary jumped in with some concern; Mr. Wonderful said that most exercise programs rely on infomercials for advertising. DDP Yoga didn't have any experience in that arena of advertising. Page and his business partner said that they were about to air their first documercial, claiming that they were reinventing the infomercial. Daymond John explained that he had already invested in fitness programs and found them to be a huge drain on his time, so for that reason, he pulled out. Mark Cuban rightly pointed out that the era of selling DVDs was coming to a close, and since DDP Yoga only sold DVDs up to that point, he didn't see himself staying with the company to make that transition to an app. The rest of the sharks pulled out too, leaving DDP Yoga with no deal.

DDP Yoga after Shark Tank

Diamond Dallas Page left "Shark Tank" with no deal for DDP Yoga. However, Page was a good sport about it and confidently told the sharks that they'd regret their missed opportunity. He might not have been wrong. According to Shark Tank Blog, after Page's episode aired, DDP Yoga saw a spike in sales thanks to the "Shark Tank" effect. In the week after the episode came out, DDP Yoga made $6 million in sales. As of August 2021, DDP Yoga had sold more than $10 million since its launch.

Page is a legend in his own right, and people online were impressed with his pitch and disappointed that the sharks missed out on the chance to get in on DDP Yoga. But many also praised his business acumen for using "Shark Tank" as free advertising. "DDP isn't a fool... this is free publicity for YEARS to come! His product does work," a fan wrote on YouTube. In fact, the shark's dismissal of DDP Yoga made Page even more of a legend to people online. "All of the sharks are regretting their decisions now. DDP has saved lives all around the world. When Barbara said that one guy they saved was as high as the company will go, I busted out laughing. You go DDP!" another wrote. So it's clear that Page rose above that rejection.

DDP Yoga is still in business

Diamond Dallas Page, contrary to the shark's belief, was able to take DDP Yoga from a DVD format into an app. On the brand's website, customers can choose from a yearly online membership for $129.99 a year, $49.99 for a three-month membership, or $34.99 for one month. The app features over 300 different workouts, ways to track one's progress, as well as meal prep and nutritional advice. The app also features live workouts so that the whole DDP Yoga community can workout together. Plus, no DDP experience would be complete without plenty of motivational videos from Page himself. The brand also has a special program called Rebuild, which is specifically for customers who have limited mobility. Individuals who are bed- or chair-bound can still experience the benefits of DDP Yoga.

DDP Yoga also offers holiday sales, giving customers the chance to get 30% off a one-year membership. The line has also expanded to include specialized merch, like the PowerCuffs, which are blood flow restriction products designed to increase muscle size and strength.

What's next for DDP Yoga and its founder

Diamond Dallas Page is all in on DDP Yoga. The former wrestler continues to make his business thrive. On LinkedIn, Page has been the owner and CEO of DDP Yoga since January 2006, and this is his only venture. So it's clear that Page is putting all of his energy into his business. DDP Yoga has over 150,000 followers on Instagram, and the page frequently gets updates. The brand's social media is full of promotions for new customers, as well as testimonials from happy clients who've seen the benefits of DDP Yoga in their own lives. On top of that, there's lots of fun content from Page himself, so if you're a fan of wrestling legends, this is the place to be.

The website is user-friendly and enticing, thanks to the stream of motivational videos from people who have seen results. Clearly, Page was right, and the sharks were wrong. He was able to take his business from a DVD format and make it compatible in a digital world. That's pretty impressive!