10 Ways To Rock A Chic Snowflake Manicure This Winter

No matter how many winter manicure trends go in and out of style every few years, there's one design you're guaranteed to see at every salon: snowflakes. Year after year we see snow-adorned nails pop up across social media and, we can't lie, we totally love this look. Nothing quite says winter like wrapping your hands with a fresh snowflake manicure around a mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream topping. You've got to treat yourself too amongst all that Holiday gifting, right?

But there's not just one way to nail a chic snowflake manicure. There really is a version for everyone out there, so we've rounded up some of the very best snowy nail looks to help you feel inspired. Best of all, they'll still look good even after the holidays are over. Trust us, even if you think you're not a fan of the snowflake nail aesthetic, you won't be able to resist getting into the seasonal spirit when you see our picks.

Royal blue in your snowflake manicure is oh so chic

For those who like their manicures to be a little more sophisticated, mixing snowflakes into French tips is ideal. Alternate white and royal blue tips, with simple snowflake designs on the top and bottom, letting the middle, shiny portion of the nail takes center stage. Ideal for when you want a neutral that isn't just plain white.

Bring out the glitter for a snowy background

If you'd rather not go with simple, crank up the white snowflakes over the top of an iridescent glitter manicure, which can work to mimic the sparkle of fresh snow. A square shape nail tip creates an amazing base for a look like this, giving plenty of space to add your design.

Make use of snowflakes over acrylic tips glitter from the tips only, giving the illusion you've just dipped your hands into a fresh pile of snow. Just keep in mind that a look like this usually works better on long nails because of the gradient in the glitter.

Or mix your snowflake look with something more traditional for a more understated look

A fan of something a bit more classic and want your snowflakes to be a little more understated? Then why not try a snowflake design mixed with a classic French manicure on your other fingers? This look combines the snowflake look on two fingers (and some eye-catching glitter) and keeps things a little simpler on the other three for a simpler take on the popular winter design.

And there's no reason you can't bring some chrome and metallic into your nail look

Nothing screams winter luxury quite like gold snowflakes. For this manicure, ask your nail tech to add a number of different shaped snowflakes and stars over a neutral chrome base that catches the light pink. This look is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for bringing some chic glam to your nails for the winter months.

Put your snowflakes in the sky

A white snowflake over a shimmery, dark blue background makes it seems as though snow is literally falling from space. This take on the trend is ideal for those who tend to gravitate towards darker polishes on their fingernails, and it's oh so shimmery and oh so chic at the same time. A winning combination!

And you can't go wrong with a chic neutral base for snowflake nails

A super ornate snowflake design over a nude lacquer is one of the easiest ways to turn your hands into a literal work of art. To keep things balanced, make it so the other nails are either all-white or neutral. A glitter white nail is a great option to vary things.

While colored snowflakes will bring some extra fun to your manicure

Nobody said snowflakes had to be only be the traditional white or silver. Snowflakes in gold, pink, and green, can be a delightful way to tap into the festive feel of the season while showing off your personality. You can paint them on yourself or use press-on nail stickies. We'd just recommend sticking with a more neutral or light base on the nail so you can really see all the effort that went into creating the snowflakes.

But white on white can be super chic

Winter white is a big 2024 trend, and if you want to continue embracing monochrome (or if you're just not feeling the typical blue look), a white on white look is the way to go. For a design that pops, give an all-white manicure some textured, white glitter snowflakes, which will catch the light on those slightly sunnier winter days.

Why not try flipping monochrome on its head for a super chic manicure?

When you think black and white and snowflakes, you probably imagine bright white snowflakes on a dark background. But who says you have to follow convention? To switch up your snowflake manicure, stamp black snowflakes on a white, matte base. The look is striking yet still overall soft, which is perfect if you're a fan of black nails.Alternate some nails with black speckles to create a blizzard-like aesthetic.

But there's nothing wrong with going all out with snowflake nails

Wanna go totally all out and throw a little bit of everything on your nails? Then there's nothing wrong with that! For a super fun snowflake manicure you won't be forgetting anytime soon, work some three dimensional art into your manicure — blue gems, jewels, and rhinestones.

This version is especially neat because the snowflakes are stamped under the gel polish coat, creating an effect that makes it look as if they're trapped under ice. If you want to go full maximalist, add a dangling snowflake accessory.