The Best Glitter Nail Ideas For Your Winter 2023 Manicures

Let's be honest. Everyone loves to see a little bit of glitter on their nails (even if that love is buried deep, deep down). And there really is no better time than winter to rock the sparkly stuff. With so many celebrations taking place in the final month of the year (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and the New Year to name just a few), it seems wrong not to add a little bit of sparkle to your manicure.

And there are so many ways to go. "Do consider different types of glitter polish. There are overlays, which have the glitter suspended in a shear base for you to paint over an existing color. There are textures which create a 3D effect. Then there are full coverage glitters which are meant to be worn on their own," Zoya creative director Rebecca Isa explained to Byrdie

"Each of these types of glitter polish can be used to create beautiful effects in the nail," she added. And she's not wrong. There really are so many different glitter manicures out there, so you're sure to find one you like whether you like to go all out with the sparkly stuff or keep your sparkle to a minimum. So, with that in mind, we've rounded up some of our very favorite glitter manicures that are absolutely perfect for winter 2023.

White holographic glitter is a staple for winter months

You can't go wrong with some white holographic glitter for the winter season — and this light sparkle manicure is anything but basic. This manicure uses different designs on each nail to create a stunning look for those colder months, including snowflakes, a cable knit design, and candy cane-inspired stripes. The gold tint to the glitter really makes it glimmer like snow, and the addition of the French manicure-inspired middle finger (using glitter, of course!) makes it perfect for those who don't like to stray too far from Frenchies.

Or incorporate rose gold into your winter manicure for a modern twist

Rose gold has been the on-trend for a little while now, so why not reflect that in your winter nails? This gorgeous look uses rose gold glitter all over three of the nails, while it appears only as a frame around the middle and ring fingers to make room for an ornate snowflake design. The best part is that this look is super effective, yet oh-so easy to recreate yourself.

You can also get creative with matte glitter chunks

Not all glitter is super fine and can be easily applied to the nail using a brush. Sometimes glitter application can take a little more time and precision. This look makes use of a chunkier glitter that's been delicately placed on the middle and ring finger nails for a multidimensional effect. Not to mention, the glitter itself is actually matte (yep, that's a thing!) which gives the whole look that extra edge, particularly when applied over a matte gray and light blue polish.

But chunky glitter doesn't have to cover the nail (or be round for that matter)

There are so many different types of nail glitter on the market, so why not make your mark? This fun design uses cool-toned holographic glitter in triangle shapes, for a super cool look that reminds us of snow. The glitter shapes have been carefully applied to two nails on each hand, while a white builder gel was used on the other nails for a milky yet snowy effect.

Red glitter is an absolute staple

So many of us associate winter with Christmas, which is why red glitter nails have become an absolute classic when the temperature drops. A bright red glitter all over is so in keeping for the season, yet still has a sophisticated and fun edge. This look also adds a little extra edge with the gold glitter on the ring and pinky fingers. Plus, reds nails are so in for winter 2023. "As seen on the A/W 23 catwalks, you'll be seeing a lot of red this season," Thea Green, nail expert and founder of Nails Inc., told Who What Wear UK.

Or go a little darker to be on trend for 2023

As you may already know, just like brighter reds, dark red burgundy nails are also in for winter 2023. As Thea Green told Who What Wear UK, if you're not feeling the brighter reds or just want to go a little darker, "Opt for deeper burgundies and wine shades for winter." This manicure makes use of a few different ways to wear burgundy glitter too, mixing full-on glitter nails with a unique half-glitter nail and even swirls of burgundy and silver for a standout design on the index finger.

Try glitter for a frosty effect this winter

What says dropping temperatures better than a frosty glitter? This absolutely gorgeous look makes use of a light blue lacquer with a multidimensional chunky and fine glitter over the top. Super easy, yet oh-so effective. And it will put you on trend for winter 2023, too! "I'm sure blue pastel with chrome will be around all winter as well to give a frosty, snowy look," nail expert Rachel Joseph revealed to Bustle.

Go long with wintery green and gold

If you love super long nails, this may be the look for you. This green manicure is ideal for those who love extra long talons because it needs plenty of nail to stretch into. Two nails are painted a green with gold glitter strips diagonally across them, while the pinkie is decorated totally in chunky gold glitter. To add a little winter to the occasion, the ringer finger has a green gradient base with two white snowflakes.

Combine glitter and rhinestones for extra sparkle

Winter is all about sparkle thanks to the many holidays that take place within it, which is why you'd be totally forgiven for wanting to go all out with the shimmer for the season. And this manicure is certainly bringing some serious sparkle. It uses a holographic glitter gradient over a neutral base, before then adding holographic gems to the top for a design that will really stand out.

Darker colors never miss in the colder months

It's hard to go wrong applying a darker color to your nails in the winter, and this shows the perfect way to combine darker colors with glitters for those who prefer fully polished nails over nail art. This chic and sophisticated muted greeny grey look mixes flat color nails with full on glitter to make a look ideal for those who prefer more demure manicure shades.

Glitter over clear nails is so in for winter 2023

Clear nail bases are having a bit of a moment for winter 2023, so applying your glitter over an unpainted base like this will have you oh-so on-trend. Sticking with silver glitters over milky white polishes is perfect for the season, as it almost resembles those frosty and snowy days when the sun hits the ground to create a stunning sparkle effect.

Black glitter French tips can be so effective

Another way to incorporate dark colors into your winter manicure, this look combines black and glitter for a super effective design perfect for those colder days. Hey, we did tell you that we're reclaiming black nails! The nail tech seemingly applied a black polish to the tips of the nails only and then applied a silver glitter over the top for a twist on the French manicure. All that is in addition to a black star design on each nail with a silver glitter spec in the center, which gives this manicure an even more glam edge.

Glitter makes the perfect winter manicure when paired with a muted polish

Winter is synonymous with cool tones, which makes a thinner glitter over a cool shade of nail polish perfect for the season. This look combines a muted purple with a gradient of silver glitter leading up the nail from the nail bed for a gorgeous and glamorous look that's not only perfect for the season but really easy to do yourself.

Gold and navy offers a super sophisticated winter manicure

Want to keep your glitter look sophisticated? Then try this dark blue and gold look for a less on the nose nod to winter. This idea uses glossy deep blue polish all over three nails. Then, on the middle and ring fingers, added a chunky gold glitter. The middle nail has a gradient effect from the tip down, while the ring finger was covered in gold glitter. How chic!

Glitter doesn't have to be all over the nail to make a statement

Celebrating Christmas over the winter? This manicure makes use of the traditional colors of Christmas — green, red, gold, and silver — for a gorgeous polka dot look we just can't get enough of. Adding dots of each glitter polish to the nail gives just enough of a sparkle effect for those who maybe don't want to coat their nails in the shimmery stuff.

Glitter french manicures are simple and chic

Another design for those who love their French manicures, this look puts a glamorous spin on the classic without being too over the top. Which is great if you like your nails to be a little simpler and understated. This manicure is essentially a classic French but with silver glitter on the tips and the addition of a few white star designs on the ring finger for a wintery accent.

Dark blue glitter with white snowflakes can be so effective

Another look making use of the winter staple that is snowflakes, this gorgeous manicure uses a sparkly dark blue background to set the scene for ornate white snowflakes. It's perfect for those dark winter nights. For those who celebrate Hanukkah, the dark blue and white color choices could also double up as a subtle nod to the sacred holiday that takes place in December.

Add a slick of glitter to a trending winter polish for a touch of sophistication

Brown nails are another big trend for winter 2023, and this is a great way to incorporate just a sliver of that trend and a wintery glitter. "Brown nail polish is very much in style, echoing the rich brown shades of caramel, toffee and chocolate from the popular 'latte' makeup look," Juanita Huber-Millet, Townhouse founder and creative director, told Who What Wear UK. "Brown nail polish has made a massive comeback. It adds a touch of sophistication to any look." And this design certainly proves that.

Matte blue nails with a gold glitter are eye-catching

Those who love a matte nail will more than likely love this understated yet still glamorous design. The matte dark blue base is great for the winter season as so many of us tend to flock towards dark shades for winter. Then, the addition of the gold glitter line over the nail bed adds just a touch of the sparkly stuff for those who want to keep their glitter a little more contained.

But there's still room to step outside the box

Of course, there are certain colors we think of when it comes to winter, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to them. You can step out of the box and choose a shade that isn't usually associated with the season and give it a twist. This design uses a matte magenta polish (which we maybe wouldn't think of during winter) but gives it a seasonal spin with a glitter snowflake, glitter candy cane stripes, and even a few rhinestones. Sparkle on!