6 Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles Perfect For Curly Hair

You know those days when you don't quite want to style your hair down but aren't feeling a full updo? Most conventional advice would tell you to grab an elastic and throw it in a half-up, half-down to look put together. But what if your hair doesn't cooperate? Getting curly hair into a half-up, half-down style without it falling down, frizzing, or losing its definition can be pretty difficult. But that certainly doesn't mean it's impossible.

To prove it, we've rounded up some of our very favorite half-up half-down hairstyles for those with gorgeous curly locks. The best part? Each look has unique benefits, from being simple enough to try even on the laziest days, or slicking down curls that have a mind of their own. And, not only that, but we're showing you exactly how to achieve the look at home (or show your hair stylist for a little direction), so you'll never have to struggle with half-up half-down styles for your curly locks ever again.

Put a twist on pigtails

For those with thicker, longer hair, a playing with several pigtails can be great way to show off some curls while still looking polished. TikTok influencer @aslinurakinci demonstrates how this can easily be achieved with a comb and a few elastics. In her video, she begins by parting her hair down the middle and then separating it into three sections. She then placed a hair tie on the two front sections, and clamped the middle back section with a clip. The beauty TikToker then created two pigtails with the front sections, brushing the crown down on each side and pulling each ponytail tight to keep it flat. After that, she twisted the ends of each pigtail under their elastics, making it so those curls fell toward the back rather than in front of her face. She then took one section at the top rear of her head and repeated this process –forming a ponytail and splitting the ends into two, so that curls fell to the left and right. The final step? Letting the back section of her hair down and slicking her edges. Gorgeous!

This is a great look for those who don't want to have to do their hair routine again the next day. In the comments section @aslimurakunici told a fan who asked about keeping her style looking fresh, "If I remember to, I'll wear a bonnet but I usually just wear it in a loose bun."

Use products to create a defined ponytail

To create a gorgeous and oh-so-simple half-up and half-down curly look, TikToker @amayacrichton applies a leave-in curl spray, curl balm, and gel from the root to ends to keep frizz at bay and define each curl. She then separates her hair into two equally sized bottom and a top sections using a thin smart weave comb. Using her comb, she pulls the top section tight and secures with a ponytail, letting her curls fall in the back.

Finally, she smooths her edges using a small brush, and scrunches her locks with what appears to be a microfiber towel. The result? A stunning look that really lets the beauty of her naturally defined curls shine through without a whole lot of time or effort.

Make your curls stand up and out

Another look to try for curly hair is this partial-bun look from TikTok's @mailayazuri (aka Mai Zuri). This take on the hairstyle involves slicking down the top part of the hair. To get the look, the beauty influencer begins by using a rattail comb to create a centre part, before taking the a top rear portion of their hair into their hand. While holding the top half back with her hand, she then wets the front of her crown using a spritzer bottle, brushing back the hair with mousse to create a super slicked back, smooth effect.

Then, using a hair tie, Zuri half pulls the hair in her hand through the twist one time, but only pulls part of it through on the second twist. This created an effect where her curls stood up in the back. She then finishes by applying a little more water to the shorter bits of hair either side of her face and let the spirals hang down, framing her face with her beautiful curls.

A zigzag part adds some edge

Looking for something a little unconventional when it comes to your half-up half-down hairstyle? This hairstyle from @aslinurakinci on TikTok shows how curly hair can be elevated in a unique way just by changing up the part.

She begins by applying products like mousse and cream to keep the curls looking their most defined, before then using a smart weave comb to create the zigzag effect at the root. She then places the rear portion of the hair into a loose bun to focus on the front sections, pulling forward one small piece of hair from the back of her head toward the opposite side. The TikToker then slicks each side down and secures it under her loose bun with a hair tie. She then focuses on the loose bun, letting the hair down before spraying it with product and putting up into a high ponytail. Finally, she lets the that section down and define the curls at the front.

This one may be a little more difficult than some of the other half-up half-down looks we've compiled, but it sure is worth it. This style would make a great option for an event where you want to try something a little different.

Create waterfalls of curls with a claw clip

Looking for something a little simpler? Then look no further, as TikTok star Torie Jaden (@toriejaden) showed us this super simple hack in a short viral video. Starting with a classic center part, Jaden pulled a small section of hair back on either side of her face, slicking it down with a brush and product. She then created one section of hair at the back of her head by combining the two pieces, before securing them with a hair tie.

The next step is probably the easiest part of all. She then grabbed a claw hack and secured it at the back of her head so some of her curls were sticking up while the rest of her locks were left to flow down her back. See. We told you it was simple! And there are tons of super easy claw clip hacks out there that you can follow for stunning half-up half-down looks.

While this half-up half-down hack is great for volume

Want your curly locks to have a little more volume? This look from TikTok user @lilischaub shows us exactly how to give long, curly locks more lift in a half-up, half-down style by using a claw clip in a way you may not have thought of. Instead of simply pulling the entire top section of the hair into one clip, they split off the top part of the section and let it hang forward. Then, they use the remaining part of the top section and twist them around into a small bun against the head, securing it with a claw clip at the top of the bun. Then, they pull the curls they initially draped forward back over the top of the clip. The end result creates a high volume poof of flowing, waterfall like curls that are visible from the front and back.