The Demi Method Makeup Technique, Explained

If you've ever dipped your toe into the beauty vortex that is TikTok, you may well have come across the Demi Method of applying your makeup before. But if you're not familiar with the trend, then allow us to explain. You may already know that demi is a synonym for half or partly — and it's important to remember that when it comes to this minimalist technique. That's because the Demi Method refers to a specific way of applying your makeup so it looks like you're not wearing any makeup at all. Think of it as an extension of the "your skin but better" trend, or even the quiet luxury aesthetic we've been seeing a lot of in the beauty and fashion world.

Essentially, the demi method makeup trend is a way of concealing and color-correcting the face for a subtle and natural-looking finish. It makes use of the traditional color wheel in order to balance out the colors and features of the face. But that coverage doesn't come from layering makeup product after makeup product on your face. Instead, the Demi makeup method is about strategic placement only in the areas you need it. In fact, beauty influencer Paige Sevier explained on TikTok, "With Demi, you are using about 5% makeup on your face with a very saturated color-exact opaque product."

How do you do Demi Makeup?

Paige Sevier posted a super interesting video on TikTok demonstrating the Demi Method makeup technique, revealing exactly how she uses different cream products to target specific areas of her face. She began by restoring and balancing her skin. "It's much easier to add a little bit of dark in the lighter areas of the face than to completely brighten all of the dark parts of your face," she explained in the clip. Sevier used a neutral red shade and a neutral violet in order to counteract the yellow or green tones in her skin. She then moved on to the second step: contouring. She used a light hand and some bronzer to create a little definition on the face in a natural-looking way.

Next up, Sevier added some strategic blush placement to her cheeks before using color correction again to even out things like blemishes and undereye shadows. She used a muted orange under her eyes to disguise dark shadows and defined the sockets of her eyes with a brown shadow. She then covered any blemishes with a yellow/orange shade to counteract the color of her blemishes. "Most people will say you need a green but usually it's the excess purple and blue that's coming through," she explained.

Demi makeup is for those who want a natural makeup look

But the Demi Method technique isn't quite for everyone. As you probably noticed, Paige Servier ditched the typical technique of layering primer, foundation, concealer, and powder over one another, so if you like a heavier, more made-up look, Demi makeup may not be for you. But there's not really any other specifics that make it something to stay away from. "It works for all skin tones, ages, and skin complexities," Servier wrote on TikTok. It's also great for those who have sensitive skin or don't like the feel of a lot of makeup, because the products you're putting on your face are so minimal.

But we should probably note that this method will take some trial and error, so it's not really the best method for makeup beginners. That's because you need to have a good knowledge of the color wheel and color theory to know what shades are opposite each other to find the right colors for you. You'll also need to be well-versed on your undertone and even the most minute colors on your face to really know what makeup should go where. It may also take some time to learn exactly where to apply each color to the face, as you may need a few tries to get it right (as well as a few different styles and sizes of brush on hand to get a precise application). Once you nail it, though? It's certainly stunning