Denim Nails Are Trending For Winter 2023 - Our Tips To Get The Look

If you've been paying attention to the fashion trends throughout 2023, you probably noticed that denim has been all over the place. Though not quite in the same way as Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa the early 2000s, denim-on-denim has become a popular go-to for many this year, while the denim maxi skirt also made a surprising comeback. And now, denim's triumphant resurgence in our lives has made its way to our nails. Really.

Denim nails have been all over the place this winter, with celebrities such as Megan Thee Stallion and countless influencers rocking the famed blue jean manicure look. If you've been kicking around social media, you may even have noticed the likes of YouTuber @LognHairPrettyNails even cutting up jeans and sticking the material to her nails for a denim manicure video. Really. We wouldn't recommend taking this trend quite that far (for a whole host of practical reasons), so, instead, we're giving you some of the best tips to get the look. No actual denim required.

Layer different polish shades to get a denim effect

A way to get the look of blue denim for winter 2023 on your nails without actually using any blue denim is to layer different shades of polish to get that woven, material effect. One of the best ways to do this is to place lighter blue shades over darker and incorporate a little white polish in there too, as that will give you that worn, lived in, and a little frayed look. A good way to apply this is using a fan brush so you're just getting small flecks of white polish on your nails. You can also use white polish to create faux stitching lines for an even more accurate denim vibe.

Or create a marble effect on your nails for a chic, polished look

This manicure proves how mixing a dark blue with a lighter one can give you the denim vibe without having to create a super realistic looking denim design. A slightly more complicated technique like this one is probably best left to your nail tech to get the very best results, but if you consider yourself a bit of a nail pro, there is a way to do it yourself at home. The marble nail effect tends to be created by dripping nail polish (you'll only need a few drops) of the polishes you want in water. Then, using a nail stick or tooth pick, swirl the colors around and then place your nail in the water, removing it in an upwards motion so the nail catches the polish.

Use real denim to get some texture onto your nails

Another way to get denim nails that look totally authentic for the season is to add some texture. There are a few ways you can do this: If you're going for a gel manicure, try pushing your polish around slightly when it's curing to create a slightly rippled effect to get that baggy jean look. Equally, you can use real denim to make the texture more authentic. When your nails are around 80% dry, try pressing a piece of the material onto the nails to get the texture of the fibers embedded into your mani.

And opt for matte polishes for a more realistic effect

As we know, most denim isn't actually shiny. This means you don't really want your denim manicure to appear super glossy if you're trying to replicate the look of the iconic material. Instead of going for super shiny polishes with a glossy topcoat, opt for matte polishes or a apply a matte topcoat. That will dull down the color for a truly denim-esque style, and give you a more realistic finish.

Or keep the denim manicure look simple by sing different blues on each nail

If you want to keep thing simpler for your denim manicure, you can get the look simply by painting different shades of blue across the nails. This version of the trend uses different shades of blue across four nails to create a more deconstructed gradient effect, while still capturing the essence of the denim trend. As a nice finishing touch, the pinky finger is painted with a stunning metallic silver, clearly mimicking the zippers and buttons we see on so many pairs of jeans.