Here's What Went Down With Range Beauty After Shark Tank

Range Beauty is one of those rare "Shark Tank" stories where it was successful from start to finish; the pitch was perfection, the shark deal was great, and the results have been impressive. Alicia Scott founded the Black-owned makeup business in 2018 and her cousin, Myisha Fantroy, acts as operations manager. Scott not only created a makeup line with inclusive color ranges; her products specifically target eczema and acne. Range Beauty was so established that it was actually "Shark Tank" that reached out to them to ask if they wanted the opportunity to pitch their product to the sharks. Scott told Beauty Independent about her decision process. "My biggest thing was, of course, the investment, but also the platform and the exposure of being able to tell the world about who we are and our mission, that was a huge part of it, too," Scott said. "A 'Shark Tank' exposure is something that you can hold on to forever."

Range Beauty isn't the only makeup and skincare-based brand to pitch on "Shark Tank." We saw Luna Magic Beauty take off thanks to that exposure; the Matte Makeup Organizer also appeared on the show. Plus, Love and Pebble, a cryotherapy skincare line, did really well in part thanks to "Shark Tank." But Range Beauty had an extra special story, and the company is a huge success to this day.

What happened to Range Beauty on Shark Tank?

Alicia Scott and Myisha Fantroy of Range Beauty absolutely nailed their "Shark Tank" pitch. They asked for $150,000 in exchange for 6% equity in their brand. But their episode featured a special guest: Emma Grede, a self-made mogul, who co-owns several brands with the Kardashians, like SKIMS and Good American. She was also the first Black woman to appear as a guest shark.

After Scott and Fantroy gave an excellent pitch, Grede got up and whispered a conversation with Lori Greiner. The other sharks pulled out, noting that makeup wasn't their arena, but not without considerable praise. When Scott said that their foundation cost $21, Grede said it was "masstige." Kevin O'Leary had never heard this term before, so it was a fun vocabulary lesson. Masstige is the sweet spot between prestige cosmetics and mass-produced cosmetics. While all of the sharks were in awe of Scott and Fantroy, it was Grede and Greiner who came in with a team offer. They would give Range Beauty $150,000 in exchange for 20% of the brand. After a bit of back and forth, Scott and Fantroy accepted the deal.

Later, Scott told Beauty Independent about the experience. "Being up there as a Black woman-owned makeup brand in front of their first Black women guest shark, being the first Black woman-owned makeup brands to receive a deal, it was everything," Scott said. "We walked away, and it was like in the cartoons where there are stars floating around. That's exactly how it felt."

Range Beauty After Shark Tank

Range Beauty has soared since their "Shark Tank" pitch and subsequent deal with Emma Grede and Lori Greiner. According to Beauty Independent, the night that their episode aired, Range Beauty got over 1,000 orders for their True Intentions Hydrating Foundation Sample Kit, a product that sells for $23. The kit allows consumers to try different shades before selecting a full-size foundation bottle. It's safe to say the interest in Range Beauty was intense.

It does appear like the deal with Grede and Greiner went through. Sometimes, a deal made during an episode falls apart behind the scenes, during the paperwork process. It's usually obvious when this happens because the brand doesn't refer much to their "Shark Tank" exposure, and the shark doesn't mention the brand on their platforms. For Range Beauty, the opposite is true. Grede has Range Beauty all over her "Shark Tank" Stories Highlights, noting her investment in the brand. Meanwhile, on Range Beauty's Instagram page, the brand has plenty of content referring back to their "Shark Tank" pitch, so both the shark and the brand appear to be close.

Grede spoke to People about her experience as a shark. "I think I'm a good Shark because first of all, I'm relatively young and the business climate now is really unique and really different than it's ever been before," Grede said. "And I've prioritized my career in building a diverse, inclusive route and team." She was obviously a great match for Range Beauty.

Range Beauty is still in business

Range Beauty is active and thriving in the makeup world, dominating the masstige marketplace. They're an inclusive brand with a huge range of skin tone representation, so any customer can find a perfect match. However, they do cater predominantly to darker skin tones, since they are the ones traditionally underrepresented by beauty companies. Not only are they inclusive, but their products target skin issues that many Black makeup wearers struggle with and were previously left unsolved. "Thirty-seven percent of Black women deal with acne, and eczema shows up most prevalently in the Black community, but there's an issue with, one, being misdiagnosed when we go to the dermatologist and, two, just not having the resources to see the dermatologist," Alicia Scott told Beauty Independent. This solution-based product is part of the reason for Range Beauty's ongoing success.

Not only that, but the brand gets consistently excellent reviews. On their website, customers gave them 4.68 stars out of 5. Their press coverage has been immense too. The Zoe Report covered Range Beauty, as did Bustle, Black Enterprise, and Refinery29. Plus, Emma Grede is on the board of the 15 Percent Pledge, a call to action for large retailers to offer at least 15% of their shelf space to Black-owned businesses. With Grede's clout behind Range Beauty, the inclusive beauty brand can grow even more.

What's next for Range Beauty?

Range Beauty continues to expand its product range, and the company is active on social media to update followers. Their line includes everything you could possibly need for glowing skin, from hydrating primers, body and face glow, foundation, and smoothing powders. They also carry an eye and cheek illuminator, as well as gift sets and merch.

On Instagram in August 2023, they shared a video that Range Beauty was available at Nordstrom in Atlanta for a limited time in a pop-up shop. The event was to celebrate Range Beauty's birthday and fans were all about it. "Love watching this brand grow," one person wrote. We feel the same! Range Beauty is now available on Target's websites and, according to Beauty Independent, is in conversation with Ulta Beauty and Sephora. We can't wait to see this wonderful, inclusive brand all over the place. And judging from the enthusiasm and business acumen of Alicia Scott and Myisha Fantroy, we have no doubt it'll continue to flourish.