The Latte Nails Trend Isn't Going Anywhere — Here's How To Rock It

If you've paid any attention to the nail trends swirling around social media, you've almost definitely come across latte nails. Latte nails, alongside latte makeup, came into the spotlight for fall 2023, and the sophisticated, neutral trend is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. One thing that may surprise you, though? This manicure style has probably been around longer than you think. "[Latte nails] really are a timeless nail look. People have been requesting this look — in other words — for as long as I can remember. The look has been [around] forever, but the name is what's trending," editorial manicurist Steph Stone explained to Byrdie.

Not only do latte nails have timeless charm, but one of the reasons we think the look is so popular is because there are just so many ways to wear it. The term refers to a vast array of different brown shades, from more chocolatey ones all the way through to milky light ones, so there really is a look for everyone. One tip when choosing the right shade for you, though? "When it comes to nudes and browns, a great way to tell is by looking at your cuticles for answers," celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann told Real Simple. "If the lacquer isn't right for your skin tone, your cuticle will actually look red or dirty." Already found your shade? Good. Because we're taking a look at some of our very favorite ways to rock the latte nails look.

Get a coffee shot

We love the way this version of the latte nail trend incorporates numerous different shades associated with the manicure trend but still keeps things minimalistic. The super-light shade on the base takes care of the shade you probably think of most when you think of a latte. The addition of the smaller dots by the cuticle then brings an extra coffee-inspired twist as, to us, they look like you've added a shot of espresso into a coffee beverage.

Swirl up your latte nails with a marble look

Another way to incorporate a number of different latte shades into your manicure? Give this coffee-inspired look a go. This fun design creates a marble-esque effect using a swirly mix of toffee and light, milky latte shades, as if you're mixing together your favorite coffee. The neutral colors used will be easy to pair with different clothing looks, and we love the super glossy finish for some shine.

Why not go halfsies on latte nails?

Love a vanilla latte? Then this could be the one for you. This manicure design mixes different latte-inspired shades while keeping each nail a little cleaner, perfect for those who prefer to keep things a little simpler and chicer sans nail art. Our favorite part is the way the two mix on the middle finger nail to bring a little fun to the manicure, mimicking the mix of coffee and milk that goes into a latte.

Or change it up on every nail

But if you love yourself some intricate nail art and like to change things up from nail to nail, this manicure might be more your vibe. This stunning nail look manages to show off a different design on each nail, but it's still a cohesive latte manicure thanks to the coffee-inspired color choices anchoring each finger.

Shimmer and swirl with your latte nails

This gorgeous design proves how you can easily bring a little shimmer to the latte nails look. The base color catches the light in a stunning yet still understated way, while the addition of the lighter coffee-inspired shade in swirls over the top brings something a little different to the trend we've been seeing all over social media.

Or invert your French tips, latte style

Looking for another unique way to get in on the latte nails trend? Try inverting a classic. This fun twist on the French manicure put the lighter part in a crescent moon shape above the cuticle so that your latte look will totally stand out amid the sea of browns we're seeing in the nail world.