Scorpio Season 2023 Is The Perfect Time To Work On Deepening Your Relationships

As October winds down and Halloween fast approaches, you might feel a chill in the air — and it's got nothing to do with the weather. As we leave the season of Libra, the zodiac's social charmer, Scorpio season starts and compels us to go beyond the small talk and niceties. Starting on October 23 and running until November 22, it gives us enough time to dive into our inner depths and those of our relationships. Those who aren't comfortable with confronting the more complex aspects of life may find this astrological season intimidating, even scary. However, there's a lot to learn from embracing Scorpio's intensity and sharp perception.

Scorpios are stereotyped as highly sexual and vengeful people, thanks to their signs' rulers: Mars, the planet of action, desire, and aggression, and Pluto, which is all about rebirth and profound transformations. The powers of both celestial bodies tend to be reduced to one-dimensional interpretations, thus the Scorpion's "scary" rep. However, these folks don't sweat the small stuff such as others' skewed perceptions. As Cafe Astrology described them, little intimidates them since they're always willing to look at what's hidden and they have a deep understanding that any form of death, especially ego death, simply means change.

So during this formidable sign's season, we're all called to be courageous and unflinching in confronting what's difficult. The Cut advised anticipating intense emotions, including paranoia, with the belief that Scorpio's energy can help you break through to the other side of your fears.

Don't be afraid to do some shadow work

Before we can start addressing interpersonal issues, we first must come to grips with our own. Getting to know the parts of ourselves we deem unacceptable or bad is the core of shadow work. It helps us to move past fear and shame toward acceptance of our full selves. Therapy can guide you through this, though there are also other modalities you can apply.

Psychology Today suggested doing the "Who I Am Not" exercise, where you write down five of your positive characteristics and then describe the complete opposite of each one. You then ascribe these traits to an imaginary character, envisioning their behavior and interactions with you. As infuriating as it is, work on finding something positive about them too. Later on, you can find that the compassion you call upon to be accepting of this character becomes easier to apply to yourself, especially your "negative" side.

Clinical social worker Djuan Short told Healthline that self-awareness is a great pay-off to doing something this challenging, which then leads to better relationships. "You may develop boundaries and learn to speak your truth [by doing shadow work]." Once you're able to understand and meet your deepest needs, you'll feel more capable of accepting and meeting others where they're at. "There's nothing about you that is unbearable," clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Sweeton stressed. "Whatever is inside of you, it's already acting itself out. Looking at it makes it safer." It's quite the Scorpionic approach.

Use the season's major astrological events as a time for renewal

The year's final eclipse falls early in Scorpio season. On October 28, the moon will be in a partial lunar eclipse while also being full in Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio. According to Cafe Astrology, this will be a time when you're called to balance your need for material security with the urge to understand the non-tangible areas of life. Your relationships will be influenced by this event as you navigate the opposing forces of Taurus and Scorpio, and there will be rough spots due to both signs' fixed nature. Which of your and your loved ones' emotional needs have been sidelined in the pursuit of comfort and stability? Per Pop Sugar, you can experience this period as the climax of a long-standing issue in your life that could have started in 2021.

After this intensity comes a chance at renewal, courtesy of the new moon on November 13. True to Scorpio's spirit, we cut straight to the core of a new pursuit. As the eighth sign on the zodiac wheel, Scorpio is at home in the eighth house, according to AstroStyle, so pursuits that involve bonding with others through sharing — either our emotions, bodies, or money — will get a green signal. These goals are not for the avoidant types and the faint of heart but, hopefully, we can all rely on some of Scorpio's quiet yet magnetic determination to see them through.