5 Fashion Brands That Only Carry Plus Sizes (So You Can Be Sure Everything Fits You)

When it comes to fashion, there should be no size minimum or maximum. Fashion, being a form of art, should be accessible to all people no matter their shape or size. But for far too long, brands steered away from making clothing for plus-sized bodies. Some CEOs and founders, like that of Lululemon and Abercrombie & Fitch, have even spoken out against carrying clothes that fit plus-sized people. Thankfully, things are changing.


"We've really made some pretty big leaps and bounds when it comes to plus-size fashion and having a more inclusive shopping experience," plus-size celebrity stylist Kat Eves told Insider. But while there has been improvement, Eves added, "Plus-size people are still getting stuck in a place of not necessarily being able to express themselves through fashion on the same level as smaller-bodied people without having to really do a lot of research."

According to Racked, Plunkett Research estimates that roughly 68% of U.S. women are a size 14 or larger and 70% of U.S. men fall into the plus-sized category, per Fashion Network. With percentages like this, it's baffling that more brands don't want to cash in and at least expand their size availability. While some companies prefer to remain in the dark ages, there are a handful of brands that make only plus-sized clothing and that's a great thing for the majority of consumers in the States.



Launched in November 2018 by designer Cynthia Vincent, BAACAL has become a big name in plus-sized fashion. High-end and sustainable, the brand carries sizes 10 to 28. "I wanted to make a brand from my point of view; where I 'fit' into fashion," Vincent told The Curvy Fashionista. "I always found it challenging to find pieces that represented me and women like me, it was incredibly challenging to find investment pieces made of quality beyond a size 12. Knowing that the average American woman is a size 14, I wanted to create a brand for women like me, the true majority."


BAACAL carries fabulously chic clothing that delivers that low-effort but uptown look. You won't find any sweatpants here, but instead, statement pieces and classics that can easily go from the office to the evening. The price point is higher than what you'd pay for plus-sized clothing at H&M — for example, their blazers are $300 and up — but quality is never cheap.


In 2011, The Limited launched Eloquii so they could get in on the plus-sized market. But less than two years later, The Limited decided to ditch the brand. When fans spoke up, those on the management end of things realized they had something special and made steps to find an investor — which they procured. "It was about doing something that mattered," CEO Mariah Chase told Fashionista. "I'll be the first to admit that I'm late to realizing this, but this customer has been ignored, and it's not fair."


With sizes from 14 to 32, Eloquii has everything from sequin blazers with matching pants for your Friday night out with friends, to work attire that puts a twist on the concept of business casual. The brand has everything you could possibly want to build your ideal wardrobe and all prices are $250 and under. Eloquii even has a bridal shop that has wedding dresses for more than $250, but wedding day attire tends to be on the pricey side.

Dia & Co

Dia & Co. came into existence in 2014 thanks to co-founders Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert who wanted to change how plus-sized clothing looked and felt. "We have always been a multi-branded retailer and a multi-category retailer," Boujarwah said in 2022 on the ModernRetail Podcast. "What we have found over the course of the last six years is that the shared experience in shopping in larger sizes is actually very, very strong regardless of what aesthetic or price-point you may be looking for. Therefore, if we can fix the experience for her, we can deliver on different aesthetics and price-points successfully on our platform to a wider audience of women."


With sizes 10 to 32, Dia & Co. is one-stop shopping for all your plus-sized needs with hundreds of brands — something that gives everyone options, because there is no one style. The size of their online collection of clothing is so big that you better set aside a whole afternoon to do your shopping.

Fashion to Figure (FTF)

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the biggest name in plus-sized fashion was Lane Bryant — mostly because there really wasn't anyone else on the market back in those days. Then, like all companies that know they've hit the jackpot in catering to a certain demographic, Lane Bryant's parent company launched Fashion to Figure in 2002. It's a departure from Lane Bryant in that it's an "on-trend fashion experience," CEO and co-founder Michael Kaplan told Billion Success. "We provide hundreds of fashion pieces within dressy, casual, and basic categories every month at compelling prices with an emphasis on consistent fit and quality. At our essence or core though, FTF is a business we created to help and inspire people through our belief that fashion is a state of mind not a size range."


Unlike more of the luxe brands, FTF has the hottest fashion trends with fantastic prices for those who can't drop a couple hundred bucks on a dress or a sweater. In addition to its 12 to 28 size range, FTF also has a closet that you can rent from in the same vein as Rent the Runway. But FTF Closet doesn't just carry fancy attire, but also more practical pieces for everyday wear.


In the world of plus-sized fashion, Gia IRL is the infant of the group, having launched as recently as March 2022. The woman behind it is Gia Sinatra. A model who, after seeing Ashley Graham on the cover of the 2016 "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit" edition, decided she wanted to be part of an industry that was finally opening its mind to plus-sized people.


"I saw someone that looked like me in the media and it made me feel confident and beautiful," Sinatra told VoyageLA. "I wanted to be a part of the change in the industry and be the representation in the media that I needed when I was a little girl. My passion for plus-size representation kept pushing me to model and ultimately inspired the creation of my clothing line, Gia IRL (Gia In Real Life)."

With sizes that range from 10 to 28, Sinatra's collection of clothes is small because its focus is on dresses for weddings, nights out on the town, and any event that calls for you to show up in a dress or two-piece set that's going to have everyone in the room say, "Wow. That's one heck of a fierce look." In other words, you'll find no business casual here.