Engineer Boots Are The Edgy Shoe Staple For Fall 2023

Looking for some footwear trends to see you into fall 2023? We already know there are a number of massive boot trends heating up the fashion world as the weather turns colder. We're looking at a sock boot resurgence, as well as an increase in slouchy boots and cowboy boots. But there's one big trend in particular you can expect to see a whole lot more of — Engineer boots. They'll be kicking the daintier shoes we've seen this year to the curb.

"The first half of the year, we were all about quiet luxury, the vanilla girl, and other subtle trends, however, as we head into autumn/winter, we're going to see maximalism take centre stage. And this applies to our footwear as well," Megan Watkins, head stylist at SilkFred, told Woman & Home. It's true, the often chunky, grungy footwear is making its way back into our wardrobes as we descend on the pumpkin patches of the world. You may also know them as motorcycle boots (as the two styles are pretty similar) or simply as heavy-duty boots, and that's because they're designed to be tough and durable. Whatever you call them though, now's the time to get your hands on some. There are a few specific styles that are set to be popular, so get ready to grab your boots and start walking this fall.

Engineer boots have been all over the runway

Engineer boots can be easily identified because, just as the name suggests, they give off a tough, somewhat rugged appearance. That's because they were literally designed for engineers to wear while they're working. That means the design has to be sturdy, strong, comfortable, and super durable. No time for flimsy footwear here!

But why is this boot style becoming so hot again? Miu Miu is one of the biggest fashion leaders when it comes to this trend. The brand featured this style a lot during its Fall/Winter 2022 runway shows, with other brands following suit. We started to see more widespread uptake of the boot in the summer of 2023, but now that boot season is officially rolling around, they're only set to get even more popular. In addition to it being the time of the year when we dig our boots out the back of our wardrobes, this boot style has also made a resurgence thanks to the uptake in motocore style we've been seeing on the runways. That's fashion relating to motorcycles, like leather vests and pants. ⁠

What kind of engineer boots are we seeing in fall 2023?

All types of heavy-duty boots are trending right now. From black to brown and everything in between, you can make a case for any style of this popular footwear. But, with that said, we have noticed plenty of embellished engineer boots around recently. Think buckles, studs, and other hardwear to elevate the standard style.

One thing we can't get enough of with this boot trend is just how versatile they are. Of course, this footwear has more of a tough vibe to it, but you shouldn't let that determine what you pair them with. The most obvious choice is a dark engineer boot with darker denim pants or black leggings. But if your style is more traditionally feminine, they can just as easily be paired with a floral dress, which will create a fun style juxtaposition. No matter what, you'll find something to pair with your engineer boots. This is great news, seeing as these tend to be so long-wearing. Get a durable pair this year, and you'll be wearing them from season to season for years to come.